Academic Writing Resources

The University of Alberta offers a variety of writing supports that are accessible, learner-centred, relevant, and responsive to the diverse needs of the community. Every service and resource available to students, staff, and faculty works to support individual and collective academic success, career success, and citizenship.

Writing Centres and Services

The following services provide in-person support to students and/or faculty:

Academic Success Centre
Professional, individual appointments and workshops for undergraduate and graduate students (North Campus)

Augustana Writing Centre
Professional, one-on-one consultations and workshops for students (Augustana Campus).

Campus Saint-Jean La Centrale
Professional, individual consultations for students (Campus Saint-Jean)

Writing Services
Peer-supported individual appointments, workshops, and writing groups for students (North Campus)

Writing Across the Curriculum
Professional support for instructors to help students think critically and write clearly - delivered across all campuses.

Types of Writing Support

Academic Writing Courses

There are many courses that offer academic learning about writing, from entire degree programs to non-credit courses.

Degree Programs and Credit Courses

Communications and Technology Graduate Program (MACT, Faculty of Extension)

The Bridging Program for International Students

Certificate Programs and Non-Credit Courses

English Language (ESL, Faculty of Extension) Part-Time Programs

Writing and communications, Faculty of Extension

Contemporary Writing

Contemporary writers can find a variety of reading series and writing workshops offered by the following services:

Arts and Humanities in Health and Medicine Program

Canadian Literature

Individual Appointments

Individual appointments offer support that is personalized and tailored to a specific need or type of writing. One-on-one support is offered by:

Augustana Writing Resources

Campus Saint-Jean La Centrale

Writing Services

Academic Success Centre

Instructors and Faculties

In-person support is provided by the Writing Across the Curriculum Program to help instructors create well-designed writing assignments and effective grading guides.


Workshops are a cost-effective option to learn strategies in a specific area of writing (e.g. grammar, punctuation, conciseness). Writing workshops are offered by:

Augustana Writing Resources

Campus Saint-Jean La Centrale

Writing Services

Academic Success Centre

Graduate Student Writing Supports

Academic Copy Editing Service

The Academic Success Centre offers a copy editing service for graduate students, instructors, and professors for the following projects:

Masters or PhD theses dissertations

Final capstone projects

Documents for publication or career purposes

They also offer one-on-one consultations as well as seminars on writing for individuals with other documents. They DO NOT edit documents that will be submitted to be graded for a class.

Reboot Your Writing Sessions

Reboot Your Writing is a mini 20-minute writing session with a graduate writing professional. The sessions are open to graduate students in any discipline.

Tuesdays from 10 - 11:20 a.m. in Triffo Hall, across from the GSA front desk

Reboot Your Writing is jointly sponsored by the Academic Success Centre and the Graduate Students Association.

Writing Centres

The following services provide in-person support to students through workshops, one-on-one consultations, or tutoring:

Augustana Writing Resources

Campus Saint-Jean La Centrale

Writing Services

Academic Success Centre

Writing Groups for International Students

The Writing Services opens a limited number of spaces in four free advanced writing groups for international graduate students (with 10 students in each group).

Upcoming Academic Writing Events