Honors Programs


Why Take An Honors Program?

Arts honors is designed to foster a tight-knit community of academic-minded undergraduate students who can come together to share ideas, work collaboratively, get mentorship from their upper-year peers, and access more specialized supports from their department and faculty teams at every stage of their studies.

Taking part in an honors program is the best way to dip your toe into the research process, develop connections with professors and other academics in your field, and get a taste of what graduate school may have in store for you while completing your undergraduate degree. 

When combined with potential research projects, Honors students can narrow down an area of specialization much earlier than they would otherwise. If you’re looking to dig deeper into your field of study and make some lasting connections along the way, this might be the path for you!

You can find comprehensive details about Arts Honors programs within the UAlberta Calendar.

Combined Honors Programs

Students interested in more than one discipline may wish to consider the Combined Honors program in which two majors are declared. All normal admission, promotion and graduation requirements apply. This option is available for most majors in the Faculty of Arts. For full details, see here.

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