BA Honors

Bachelor of Arts - Honors in English

Students who pursue the Honors program in English will enjoy a concentrated and intensive encounter with language, literature, and other cultural forms - including popular culture and new media - across a diverse range of courses. Offering all the intellectual and educational opportunities of the English Major, the Honors program is distinct in three key ways:

  • students must maintain strong academic performance (General grades of 3.0/English grades of 3.3 or higher);
  • students enjoy even greater specialization in English than afforded by the Major;
  • students complete a unique course, ENGL 498, which involves mentored independent research culminating in an original honors essay.

Honors English students are eligible for Honors prizes and, in the program's fourth year, an extended library loan period. They also enjoy representation on Departmental Committees and have access to the Undergraduate Student Lounge, where they can meet other students with similar interests. While today an increasing diversity of educational backgrounds will prepare students for advanced study in English, the Honors program remains a reliable pathway to graduate work in the discipline.

Recently updated Honors Program requirements are effective beginning in fall 2023. New students starting the program in September 2023 and thereafter are to follow these updated Program requirements as detailed in the current University Calendar.

Honors students who began the program prior to September 2023 should continue to refer to the requirements in place when they were admitted.

What courses do you need for the BA Honors in English?
In addition to satisfying the Faculty's Basic Requirements for the BA (and any relevant requirements toward a minor), students taking the Honors in English must complete between 54 and 72 credits in Senior English (including at least 9 credits at each of the 200 and 400 levels) as well as ENGL 498: Honors Essay. For complete program information,see our Honors Check List and Combined Honors Check Lists.


Bachelor of Arts - Combined Honors

Students may choose to pursue a combined Honors degree in English and another discipline. A combined Honors degree in English and another discipline requires a minimum of 36 credits in English at the 200 level or above (including at least 6 at the 400 level, among them ENGL 498 or equivalent). For complete program information, see our Honors Check List and Combined Honors Check Lists.

Which courses meet my English Honors area requirements?

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