100 Level ENGL and WRS Registration Information

A small number of our ENGL 102, 103, 125 and WRS 101 classes are restricted to certain programs or student groups. You may encounter the following message attempting to enroll in a class that appears to have open seats:

"Restrictions are not met. This message refers to restrictions that have been placed on the course/class by the Teaching Department, such as: restricting the course to students in specific programs, or to specific major/minors, or to students in a specific year of their program, etc. Please check the Course or Class Notes in Bear Tracks for a description of the restrictions placed on this class. You can view the Course or Class Notes by processing a Class Search. You can also contact the Teaching Department for further information.

The new My Schedule Builder module in Bear Tracks now lists the class notes and restrictions in place for all sections of a given course; if the section you are trying to enroll in returns an error message or is closed to web registration, you are not eligible to enroll in this particular class.  Check the Class Remarks for the section you selected to find out why.


Below is a summary of 100-level classes with restrictions; if you are not in the specified program, you will not be permitted to register in the class.

WRS 101

ENGL 102 & 103

  • LEC A60 and B60 are restricted to BCom Students until July 31, and remaining seats will be made available to all students starting August 1
  • Lec E#/Sem G# class pairings are restricted to students in the Bridging Program

ENGL 125

ENGL 150

  • This class cannot be applied towards the Jr. ENGL core requirement in degree programs. As an “Introduction to the Discipline” course, registration priority is given to English Majors and Minors, and then all remaining students in Arts.
  • However, if you are currently a non-Arts student interested in the class (as an elective or because you are considering changing your major/minor to English), you can email the department after August 15th to request to be considered for manual registration.

If the class you want is full:
As non-restricted 100-level ENGL & WRS classes fill up quickly, you will need to use the watch list function to be notified if/when a seat opens up. Most sections have a considerable number of students hoping for a spot, and in the interest of fairness, we can't add students to full sections.

Note that by default, Bear Tracks may hide full classes from your search results, which means you aren't seeing all the 'standard' sections you are eligible to enroll in should seats open up. You may need to check the 'closed classes' box in the left hand menu bar when doing a search and then add any sections that fit your schedule to your watch list.

Seats sometimes become available in the weeks leading up to the start of, and during the first two weeks of the semester before the add/drop deadline. We generally offer sections of ENGL 102 & 103 over the spring and summer as well. Keep in mind the *3 or *6 Jr. ENGL/WRS requirement in many programs is only a graduation requirement, and you can take these courses in any year of your degree, despite them being considered a 'first year' course.

This is also true for BSc. Specialization & Honors programs, where you can effectively swap your ENGL 1xx slot with an option slot from Y2, Y3, or Y4.