Student Awards and Prizes

Undergraduate and graduate students studying in English & Film Studies are eligible for a wide array of awards and prizes-many of significant monetary value-across the entire range of courses and areas taught in the department. Many of our nearly one hundred awards, allocated on an annual basis at the Salter Tea ceremony, are supported by major commemorative endowments from individual and family benefactors; others have been donated by EFS faculty members and book presses. The majority of our prizes and awards do not require applications from students, but are determined by instructors' nomination of candidates based on their superior in-class work. We are always delighted to celebrate and reward the outstanding academic achievements of our students!

The Salter Tea is held annually to honor the memory of Professor FM Salter, a benefactor of the Department, and to celebrate teaching and learning in the Department of English and Film Studies.




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Undergraduate Student Awards and Prizes

Graduate Student Scholarships and Awards