Donors and Giving

The Department of English & Film Studies has long benefited from the generous donations of former students, faculty members, family and friends of the department. The majority of contributions to EFS have been invested, through both specific and undefined bequests, into endowments and funds that support students at the undergraduate and graduate levels as they pursue their studies in English literature, creative writing, and film studies.


Student awards and prizes remain a philanthropic priority of EFS. Gifts can augment existing awards or go towards the establishment of new awards, prizes, and fellowships. A complete list of student awards in EFS, which are given out at our annual Salter Tea ceremony in mid-May, may be found at: Students→Awards and Prizes.


Tax-deductible gifts toward any of our numerous Department Prizes can be made using the Faculty of Arts Online Donation link. Please indicate in the box, "Would you like to direct your gift to an area not listed?" that your donation is to be directed to the Department of English & Film Studies Undergraduate Student Award Fund.


Prospective donors may also contact the Office of Advancement in the Faculty of Arts to discuss their philanthropic interests and priorities. Please call 780-492-8060 or e-mail the Assistant Dean, Advancement Miranda Jordan-Smith at


If you are considering a donation or bequest to EFS and would like to converse with the Chair about needs and priorities, please feel free to contact:

Eddy Kent


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