Research Support in EFS

Contact Sarah Beaton, Research Coordinator (Administration), for assistance with:

  • Hiring undergraduate and graduate research assistants, postdoctoral fellows, consultants and other employees for research projects
  • Guidance/training for submitting expense claims and non-employee expense claims
  • Making small and large purchases, creating purchase orders, and paying invoices
  • Managing funds from multiple sources (invoicing, collecting, and using funds)
  • Booking travel and accommodation
  • Submitting of honoraria or non-employee reimbursement
  • Managing and budgeting for larger projects such as conferences
  • Understanding financial statements and reports
  • Identifying resources to support faculty members needs/questions
  • Guidance for Foreign Visitor Assessment applications and Tax Waiver Requests

Contact Ayantika Mukherjee, Research Partner, ( for the following assistance:

  • First point of contact for EFS researchers,  specifically faculty members, ATS, and FSO who are eligible to apply and hold grants 
  • Providing strategic advice to applicants for research development and grant proposal crafting
  • Providing expert advice for specific competitions such as Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Connection grants, community-engaged (CSSH) grants, and any grants to do with creative & performing arts and research-creation, such as Canada Council for the Arts and Alberta Foundation for the Arts
  • Identifying and engaging in general and targeted dissemination of funding opportunities 
  • Providing resources through boot camps, concept challenges, past successful grants; tips for grant writing (GrEx), webinars, and information sessions or workshops 
  • Facilitating networking amongst researchers 
  • Facilitating the coordination of supports (e.g. connecting Principal Investigators to the College of Social Sciences and Humanities/CSSH Grant Supports*)

For more information about the role of research partners, please see the Research Partners Network page

* Contact Ayantika Mukherjee, Research Partner, ( for accessing the following College of Humanities and Social Sciences/CSSH Grant Supports:

  • CSSH Grant Assistant: who can construct annotated bibliographies, fill out online CVs or CCVs assemble budgets, and copyedit & proofread any grant proposal for Principal Investigators
  • Professional Editor: Principle Investigators can access up to 8 hours professional editing for major grants such as the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Insight, Insight Development, Partnership, and Partnership Development Grants 

Research Resources

Arts Research website

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Undergraduate Research Initiative

Hiring a Research Assistant 

What might an RA do?
  • Help with conference organization
  • Organize and/or co-ordinate a one-off event – public or academic
  • Undertake a literature review
  • Undertake some archival work
  • Document aspects of your project/process, manage a website and/or blog and/or SM

How much will it cost?
Consult with Sarah: she has the tools to figure this out fast!

How long will it take to set up the contract etc?
Please contact Sarah at least three weeks before your employee's start date.

Why should I write a good briefing document?
In addition to talking to RAs before they are hired and at intervals during the work period, a briefing document lays out the work they should do and gives specific details about e.g. contacts they might need; tasks; keywords and databases (for a lit review) or other useful hints if the work is organizational (e.g., potential rooms or off-campus locations; budget available); time-lines and schedule; how they are to ‘deliver’ the work to you (if it’s archival or lit review)