Visiting Speaker Guidelines

  • A Visiting Speaker may be a guest speaker or seminar leader/consultant whose engagement is normally for a max of 5 days. These are exempt from work permits.
  • A guest lecturer is usually invited for a series of lectures that does not complete an academic course and lasts less than an academic term. These require a work permit
  • Individuals may be Residents or Non-Residents of Canada. If they are non-residents of Canada, please view more information about inviting foreign visitors.

Paying a Visiting Speaker + Lecturer

Indigenous Honorarium Payment Guidelines

The University of Alberta recognizes the importance of honorarium to First Nations, Métis and Inuit individuals (FNMI) in a culturally sensitive way. These payments are most often considered 'Gifts' - a long Inherent and Traditional Custom in most Indigenous cultures today. Procedures, guidelines and forms are available to assist faculty and staff when making these payments.