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Undergraduate Research Initiative

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The Undergraduate Research Initiative (URI) launched at the University of Alberta in 2011 with a bold vision: to create a culture in which every undergraduate student has opportunities to engage in research and creative activities, both in and out of the classroom.

At the University of Alberta, your questions matter. 

Why? Because we believe that undergraduate students deserve the very best that a research-intensive institution has to offer: high-impact, hands-on experiences at the cutting edge of human knowledge — the opportunity to put your ideas and your curiosity to work.

Tips for URI Stipend Applicants

URI Stipend applications are now open! The stipend is a $5000 award that helps support undergraduate students undertaking interdisciplinary research projects. Thinking about applying? Here’s some tips to help you succeed:

Look at the rubric before you start: The rubric outlines the criteria adjudicators use to evaluate proposals. Referring to the rubric will help you stay on track and ensure your proposal addresses what the reviewers are looking for. The URI Stipend rubric has recently changed, so please pay particular attention to the highlighted areas.

Make sure adjudicators can understand your proposal:  The adjudication committee is made up of undergraduate students and faculty members from a variety of disciplines. It is important to write your proposal at a level that is accessible to reviewers from a variety of academic backgrounds. Avoid jargon, and explain any technical language that is likely to be unfamiliar to reviewers from other disciplines. Please note that the URI Stipend now accepts applications in either English or French.

Write about your role and skill development: Reviewers want to know about your role in the project and what’s motivating you to pursue it. Elaborate on the project’s contribution to your personal/professional goals. Be as specific as possible, and avoid generic descriptions that could be true of many projects (e.g. “I will gain lab experience.” or “I will gain communication skills.”)  Explain how this project will specifically support the development of the skills you identified.

Get feedback and don’t be afraid to ask for help: URI offers free consultations to students applying or reapplying for the URI Stipend, so email us (uri@ualberta.ca) to book an appointment! If you are reapplying, URI can review your previous application and provide insight into how you might improve your proposal before you re-apply.

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