Research Ethics Office

COVID-19 Response Guide for University Researchers and Research Groups

Update on business processes for REBs/ACUCs and the Research Ethics Office

As of March 26, 2020, the Research Ethics Office is working remotely and able to conduct most business remotely during public health emergency.  In regards to the review of ethics applications related to human and animal research, please note the following:

  • We are continuing to review submissions as they are received so that researchers will be able to continue their research once the University/AHS resumes normal operations. 
  • Ethics approval does not guarantee that researchers will be able to conduct their research as outlined.  Researchers must comply with all University of Alberta and AHS/Covenant Health guidance (as applicable) during the COVID-19 outbreak. 
  • COVID research applications will be prioritized. 

For Human Participant Research: An emergency REB has been constituted and will conduct a virtual review of studies that require review by the full board.  This Committee will be meeting on the regularly scheduled REB 4 Wednesday meeting dates and will convene additional meetings as needed.

  • For any questions related to human participant research contact: to have your question appropriately routed, or see our contacts page.
  • If researchers require assistance with creating an ethics application, help is available through QMCR.  Please contact Scott Jamieson (

For Animal Research: Log into ARISE to see the memorandum which contains important communication with all animal users about research during COVID-19 crisis.

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The Research Ethics Office (REO) provides effective, integrated support for and administration of all aspects of the ethics review and approval process for research involving human participants and research, teaching and testing involving animals.

The REO website contains information about ethical review at the University of Alberta, including:

  • institutional, national and international guidelines for the ethical conduct of research with human participants and animal subjects.
  • the lifecycle of an ethics application – When is ethics review required? How does the process work? Where do I submit an application and how do I receive approval? 
  • training and resource materials for research ethics requirements and using the online system.

For guidance documents and technical assistance for using the Alberta Research Information Services (ARISE) system (formerly REMO), please visit the Education, Training and User Support section of our website.