Department Administration

Department Administrators

Position Name Contact
Chair Cecily Devereux
Office: HC 3-17
Phone: 780-492-7841/4642
Associate Chair (Academic) Sylvia Brown
Office: HC 3-11
Phone: 780-492-7840
Associate Chair (Graduate Studies) Mark Simpson
Office: HC 3-21
Phone: 780-492-4639
Associate Chair (Undergraduate Programs) Katherine Binhammer
Office: HC 3-23
Phone: 780-492-1771
Assistant Chair (Administration) Bob Longworth
Office: HC 3-9
Phone: 780-492-7839

Support Staff

Position Name Contact
Acting Administrative Assistant,
General Office
Leeanne Lawrence
Office: HC 3-5
Phone: 780-492-3258
Executive Assistant to the Chair Annett Gaudig-Rueger
Office: HC 3-13
Phone: 780-492-4642
Graduate Studies Administrator Kim Brown
Office: HC 3-14
Phone: 780-492-4701
Research Administrator Dianne Johnson
Office: HC 3-9A
Phone: 780-492-4640
Undergraduate Advisor Craig Soars
Office: HC 3-10
Phone: 780-492-7842