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Film Studies Courses (2024-2025)

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Fall 2024

FS 100 LEC A1: Intro To Film Study

FS 100 LEC A2: Intro To Film Study

FS 100 LEC A3: Intro To Film Study

FS 100 LEC A4: Intro To Film Study

FS 201 LEC A1: Intro To Film History I
L. Czach

FS 203 LEC A1: Television Broadcasting Screen
S. Tinic

FS 317 A1: The Gangster Film
T. Romao

A study of the gangster film genre in relation to its aesthetics, themes, and historical development. 

By the time you finish this course, you will be conversant with the aesthetic and thematic conventions of the gangster film genre. We will also explore its historical development within American cinema as well as its world cinema instatiations and how the genre reflected social and political concerns of capitalism.

FS 321 LEC A1: Animation
L. Czach

FS 333 LEC A1: Experimental Film
B. Capper

What is an experimental film? This course will take up this question, asking how issues of history, identity, aesthetics, and geopolitical location have shaped and pressured the meaning of experimental film. Thus, rather than understanding experimental film as a clearly defined mode of filmmaking or charting a chronological history of experimental film, we will explore multiple approaches to – and genealogies of – experimental cinematic form, from surrealist and abstract film to underground and “third” cinema. Taking a conceptual and thematic approach, we will ask how experimental film has pressured the language of dominant cinema by both remaking and refusing realism, spectacle, narrative, and various genres from the documentary to the musical. We will pay special attention throughout the course to the films and practices of Black, Indigenous, anti-colonial, feminist, and queer filmmakers, whose works have often been marginalized by, if not completely left out of, histories of experimental film.

FS 412 SEM A1: Topics In Film Studies
Labour In Cinema
B. Capper

This course explores the changing condition of working life as it has been reflected in cinema. This course examines working life and non-working life from multiple perspectives, from more recognizable images of factory and white-collar work to representations of sex work, domestic labour, criminalized and informal work, and unemployment.

FS 412 SEM A2: Topics In Film Studies

Winter 2025

FS 100 LEC B1: Intro To Film Study

FS 100 LEC B2: Intro To Film Study

FS 100 LEC B3: Intro To Film Study
S. Tinic

FS 202 LEC B1: Intro To Film History II
T. Romao

FS 318 LEC B1: Science Fiction Film
T. Romao

FS 324 LEC B1: Monsters, Slashers and Ghosts

FS 341 LEC B1: Television Genres

FS 399 LEC B1: Special Topics in Film Studies
Screenwriting (Combined with WRITE 399 and DRAMA 307)

FS 412 SEM B1: Topics In Film Studies

FS 412 SEM B2: Topics In Film Studies
Indigenous Women's Media Production

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