Undergraduate Award Recipients

2022-23 undergraduate DEPARTMENT AWARD WINNERS 

The English and Film Studies faculty are pleased to announce the recipients of our "Department Awards" for the 2022-23 academic year. These awards are special because they are funded by ongoing donations from friends and faculty who wish to recognize student achievements in areas not covered by our endowed awards. Instructors nominate students' essays, which are then adjudicated by the department's faculty members. The adjudication process is a highlight for many faculty who have the pleasure of seeing the breadth and creativity of student research. Congratulations to all the winners!


From top left: Madeleine Beaulieu, Cass Duxbury, Étienne Fillion-Sauvé, James Harley, Sarah Lymburner, Alisa Nie, Annika Pries, Claire Manning and Katie O'Connor 

200-Level Course Awards
Literary Forms: Sarah Freeman
Language and History: Annika Pries
Literary Methods and Theory: Kevin Theriault
Gender and Sexuality: Cass Duxbury

Senior Area Awards
Indigenous Literature and Culture Prize: Étienne Fillion-Sauvé
Postcolonial Literature and Culture Prize: Madeleine Beaulieu 
19th-Century British Literature and Culture Prize: Sarah Lymburner
Contemporary Literature and Culture Prize: Katie O'Connor
American Literature and Culture Prize: Ethan Glaser
Canadian Studies Prize: Astrid Stark
Women’s and LGBTQ+ Writing: James Harley
Literary and Critical Theory: Feven Worede
Print Culture and Media Studies: Claire Manning