Graduate Scholarships and Awards

James F. Forrest Graduate Prize in Renaissance Literature
Awarded annually to an outstanding student pursuing graduate studies in the field of English Renaissance.

Morton Lee Ross Memorial Scholarship in Literature
Awarded annually to an outstanding student enrolled in the MA or PhD program in the Department of English and Film Studies. Awarded in odd-numbered years for literary-critical study of literature of the American Renaissance or the writing that flowed from it, and even-numbered years for literary-critical studies of modern Canadian fiction. In the event that a candidate cannot be found in the specified area,the scholarship will be awarded in the other area. If in any one year there is no suitable candidate in any of the areas, no award will be made.

John Orrell Memorial Prize in Shakespeare Studies

One award will be normally given each year, with preference given to graduate students in the Department of English and Film Studies and in other departments of the Faculty of Arts, for the purpose of travel related to the advancement of theatre history. Application in the form of a short research proposal should be made to the Chair, Department of English and Film Studies, Humanities Centre 3-13. The deadline for applications is April 30. Endowed by the family and friends of the late John Orrell, Professor of English, 1961-1995.

Rowland McMaster Memorial Scholarship
Funded by family and friends of Rowland McMaster
Number of awards: one
Awarded annually on the basis of superior academic achievement to a student registered in a graduate degree program in the Department of English and Film Studies in the Faculty of Arts. Student will have taken at least one course in the department in that year. Preference will be given to students enrolled in graduate courses on the nineteenth-century, Chaucer or a related topic. The application will be adjudicated by the Associate Chair of Graduate Studies, English and Film Studies.

The Miller Screenwriting Award
This award will be given in conjunction with a cross-disciplinary dramatic screenwriting course or program offered through the Department of English and Film Studies and the Department of Drama. Awarded annually for the best screenplay written by a graduate or undergraduate student enrolled in Screenwriting.


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