400 Level English


Courses at the 400 level afford intensive engagement with advanced topics in English Studies. Offered as seminars, these courses enable students to engage in intimate and sustained conversations about literary and other cultural materials, and to pursue compelling and original avenues of research.

Please consult the University Calendar for a full listing of our ENGL courses, not all of which are offered in a given year. Our department also offers Film Studies and Creative Writing courses.

Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Courses


Previous Offerings

Fall 2022/Winter 2023 Courses

Fall 2021

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 405 A1  Poetry and/as Research-Creation J. Abel TR 1400-1520
ENGL 465 LEC 800 Women Writing Revolution and Romanticism G. Kelly TR 1100-1220
ENGL 481 A1 Race and African Literature in English O. Okome MWF 1200-1250
ENGL 482 A1 Land Relations: a poetics of treaty C. Stewart TR 0930-1050

Winter 2022

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 401 B1 William Blake D. Gay MWF 1100-1150
ENGL 402 X50 Apocalyptic and Post-Apocalyptic Writing in Canada M. Carrière  T 1800-2050
ENGL 409 B1 Victorian Conceptions of the Self P. Sinnema MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 430 B1 Bodies of Knowledge: Research-Creation Beyond Method K. Martin TR 0930-1050
ENGL 467 B1 The Black Dandy: Styling Masculinities in the African Diaspora M. Bucknor TR 1230-1350


Fall 2020

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 405 A1 Victorian Poetry and Poetics P. Sinnema MWF 1000-1050
ENGL 407 A1 Studies in Texts and Cultures: Constellating Moby-Dick M. Simpson TR 1100-1220
ENGL 430 A1 Studies in Theory: A Geopoetics of Habitat S. Krotz TR 0930-1050
ENGL 465 A1 Studies in Gender and Sexualities: #metoo and Canadian Literature J. Rak TR 1400-1520
ENGL 483 A1 Studies in Popular Culture: J.R.R. Tolkien's Legendarium T. Wharton MWF 1300-1350

Winter 2021

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 407 B1 Studies in Texts and Cultures:  cancelled MWF 1200-1250
ENGL 409 B1 Studies in Literary Periods & Cultural Movements:Aesthetics of Disruption cancelled MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 409 B2 Studies in Literary Periods & Cultural Movements: Modernism and Perpetual Crisis R. Brazeau MWF 1300-1350
ENGL 430 B2 Studies in Theory: The Traumatic Event K. Ball MWF 1100-1150
ENGL 430 B3 Studies in Theory: After Humanism M. Litwack MWF 1200-1250
ENGL 467 B1 Studies in Race and Ethnicity: "Afterlives" of US Slavery cancelled TR 1230-1350
ENGL 467 B2 Reading Early Modern Race and Alterity L. Schechter TR 1230-1350

Spring 2021

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 430/695 A1 Time, Narrative, and Historiography 
K. Ball TR 1230-1520


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