Areas of Program Coverage - Current

Which courses meet my English Honors Area Requirements?

Variable Topic Courses offered in Fall 2022 & Winter 2023:

Courses for the current terms are shown on this page. Listings for courses delivered in past terms/years are also available.

Please note that some 300-level and all 400-level course content is variable, which means that courses can only be guaranteed to fit area coverage in the term-specific manner below.

1) Area 1
    a) Language, Writing:
    b) Reading Histories:
         i)ENGL 426 A1
         ii)ENGL 353 B1
        iii)ENGL 430 X50
   c) Textualities:
        i) ENGL 426 A1
       ii)ENGL 483 B1
   d) Reading Politics:
       i) ENGL 393 A1
       ii) ENGL 407 A1
      iii) ENGL 430 A1
      iv) ENGL 367 B1
       v) ENGL 391 B1
      vi) ENGL 401 B1
     vii) ENGL 430 X50
    viii) ENGL 465 B1
      ix) ENGL 465 B2

2) Area 2
    a) Old & Middle English Literature & Culture:
         i)ENGL 327 B1
    b) Early Modern Literature & Culture:
    c) Restoration and 18th-Century Literature & Culture:
    d) 19th-Century Literature & Culture:
         i) ENGL 353 B1
    e) 20th-Century Literature & Culture:
         i) ENGL 391 B1

3) Area 3
    a) Canadian Literature & Culture:
         i) ENGL 363 A1
        ii) ENGL 483 B1
    b) Postcolonial Literature & Culture:
         i) ENGL 311 B1
        ii) ENGL 465 B2
   c) American Literature & Culture:
       i) ENGL 401 B1
   d) Indigenous Literatures & Cultures:
       i) ENGL 308 B1
       ii) ENGL 401 B1

*Please check back for possible changes in course numbers and course additions.


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