Graduate Courses

Please consult the University Calendar for a full listing of our graduate-level ENGL courses, not all of which are offered in a given year.

Below are our upcoming course offerings. Click on a course to see its description.

Spring 2020

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 430/582 A1 Studies in Method: Reading and Critique S. Rangwala & 
B. Capper
TR 1000-1250

Summer 2020 (July 27 - August 14, 2020)

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 695 A1 In Pursuit of the Whale Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre

Fall 2020

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 574 A1 The Poetry and Poetics of Research Creation J. Abel T 1400-1650
ENGL 579 A1 The Feminist Ethics of Care: Theories, Ecologies, Poetics Cancelled T 1000-1250
ENGL 585 A1 Land Relations C. Stewart W 1000-1250
ENGL 681 A1 The Surveillance Society: Security and Spectacle in Contemporary Fiction T. Tomsky M 1400-1650

Winter 2021

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 569 B1 Borders as Methodologies Louise Harrington W 1400-1650
ENGL 575 B1 The History of Information Johnathan Cohn T 1400-1650
ENGL 578 B1 Representing Science Jamie Baron F 1400-1650
ENGL 635 B1 Shakespeare and Ecological Crisis Carolyn Sale F 1000-1250

Previous Offerings

Fall 2019

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 582 A1 Reading Media Michael Litwack R 1000-1250
ENGL 586 A1 Afterlives of US Slavery Teresa Zackodnik W 1000-1250
ENGL 591 A1 Literary Ecologies Sarah Krotz F 1000-1250
ENGL 635 A1 The Idea of "The World" Cancelled M 1400-1650
ENGL 679 A1 Pulp Fiction, Women Writers Cancelled W 1400-1650
ENGL 695 X1 On Violence Karyn Ball W 1800-2100

Winter 2020

Course Title Instructor Time
ENGL 569 B1 The Politics of Affect Elena Del Rio M 1400-1650
ENGL 574 X51 Contemporary Creative Practices Jordan Abel R 1800-2100
ENGL 582 B1 On Scale Nat Hurley T 1000-1250
ENGL 583 B1 Cultural Studies - Resource Aesthetics Mark Simpson R 1000-1250
ENGL 693 B1 Mountaineering Writing, Film, and Identity Julie Rak W 1400-1650