Governance and Committees

This page contains listings of EFS Committees and Coordinator positions 2023-2024.

Standing Committees of Department Council 2023-2024

Graduate Director: Rob Brazeau
Graduate Assistant Supervisor: not assigned
Fellowships Coordinator: Serra Tinic
Academic Professionalization Coordinator: Terri Tomsky
up to 2 Members at large: Louise Harrington; Mark Simpson
2 GSEC representatives: TBA
Phd Colloquium Instructors (2) (may attend some meetings)

Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Director Karyn Ball
ENGL 199 Coordinator (ATS T12): Laura Schechter
FS Coordinator: Liz Czach
FYE Coordinator (ATS T12): Kristine Smitka
WRITE Coordinator: Garrett Faulkner (ATS T12)
WRS Coordinator (ATS T12): Anna Chilewska
Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator: Cecily Devereux (Fall); Danielle Fuller (Winter)
up to 2 members at large: Gary Kelly; Ono Okome
up to 2 UG student representatives: TBA
Awards and Prizes Coordinator: Harvey Quamen

WRITE/WiR Committee
WRITE Coordinator (committee chair): Garrett Faulkner
Members: Conor Kerr, all other WRITE Instructors who want to participate

Film Studies Committee
Film Studies Director: Liz Czach
Members: all continuing faculty and ATS T12 FS instructors and any FS ATS instructors interested in participating in committee discussions and planning: Beth Capper, Tico Romao, Serra Tinic

Research Events
Research Events Coordinator (in-house) (reactivate): Carolyn Sale
Research Events Coordinator (DV+): Michael Bucknor

EDI Coordinator
Katherine Binhammer

Chair's Advisory Council 2023-2024

The Chair's Advisory Council advises the Chair on day‑to‑day matters of policy and procedure, and makes recommendations to the Department on major changes in policy or procedure, with a final decision to be made by Department Council.

Non-voting members:
Chair: Julie Rak
Undergrad Director: Karyn Ball
Graduate Director: Rob Brazeau
ADM: Courtney Thomas

Voting members:
Katherine Binhammer
Carolyn Sale
Teresa Zackodnik

Standing Committees of Chair's Advisory Council 2023-2024

Mentoring Coordinator
Michael O'Driscoll

EFS FEC Advisory Committee
Corrinne Harol, Julie Rak, Harvey Quamen

Directors 2023-2024

Film Studies
Liz Czach

First-Year English Program Director
Kristine Smitka

First Year Teaching Director
Teresa Zackodnik

ENGL 199 Director
Laura Schechter

WRS Director
Anna Chilewska