Governance and Committees

This page contains listings of EFS Committees and Coordinator positions 2024-2025.

Standing Committees of Department Council 2024-2025

Graduate Director: Katherine Binhammer (Fall 2024), Eddy Kent (Winter 2025 )
GTA Supervisor: Peter Sinnema
Fellowships Committee: Chris Bracken, Jerry Varsava
Academic Professionalization Coordinator: Beth Capper
up to 2 Members at large: Louise Harrington; Mark Simpson
2 GSEC representatives: TBA

Undergraduate Programs
Undergraduate Director Michael Litwackup to 2 members at large: Terri Tomsky; Karyn Ball
up to 2 UG student representatives: TBA

WRITE/WiR Committee
WRITE Coordinator (committee chair): Jordan Abel
Members: Conor Kerr, Marilyn Dumont, Sarah Krotz, Rob Brazeau, any WRITE instructors who wish to participate

Research Events
Research Events (Internal): Carolyn Sale
Research Events (External): Michael Bucknor (Fall 2024); Mike O’Driscoll (Winter 2025)

Chair's Advisory Council 2024-2025

The Chair's Advisory Council advises the Chair on day‑to‑day matters of policy and procedure, and makes recommendations to the Department on major changes in policy or procedure, with a final decision to be made by Department Council.

Non-voting members:
Chair: Jill Ehnenn
Undergrad Director: Michael Litwack
Graduate Director: Katherine Binhammer (Fall 2024), Eddy Kent (Winter 2025 )

Voting members:
Full Professor: Mark Simpson
Associate Professor: Liz Czach
Assistant Professor: Beth Capper
Member at Large: Marilyn Dumont
GSEC member, ATS member: TBA

Standing Committees of Chair's Advisory Council 2024-2025

Film Studies Committee
Film Studies Director: Liz Czach
Members: all continuing faculty and ATS T12 FS instructors and any FS ATS instructors interested in participating in committee discussions and planning: Beth Capper, Tico Romao (T12), Serra Tinic, Murray Leeder

FEC Advisory Committee
Dept. Chair,  Peter Sinnema, Harvey Quamen, Louise Harrington

Christie Scholarships
Grad Director, Undergrad Director, Awards and Prizes Coordinator

Coordinators and Directors Reporting to Chair's Advisory Council 2024-2025

First Year Studies Directors and Coordinators
First Year Teaching Director: Murray Leeder (ATS T12)
ENGL 199 Coordinator (ATS T12): Laura Schechter
FYE Coordinator (ATS T12): Kristine Smitka
WRS Coordinator (ATS T12): Anna Chilewska

Awards and Prizes Coordinator
Harvey Quamen

Faculty Mentoring Coordinator
Danielle Fuller

Recruitment and Outreach Coordinators:
Ono Okome (Fall 2024); Cecily Devereux (Winter 2025)

EDI Coordinator