Aboriginal Teacher Education Program (ATEP)

ATEP is an elementary off-campus community based collaborative cohort program, designed to improve the educational success of Aboriginal children by increasing the number of Aboriginal teachers with an understanding of Aboriginal perspectives in communities in Northern Alberta. While this program is intended for Aboriginal students, all students are encouraged to apply.

ATEP Four-Year Degree Applicant Requirements

Applicants to ATEP must have 60 specific credits completed in order to be considered for admission to the final two years. Please visit the ATEP website for more information.

ATEP After Degree Applicant Requirements

The Elementary After Degree program is two years in length. This program route is currently under review and will be updated. Please contact Undergraduate Student Services for more details.

To check transferability of a course taken at another post-secondary institution in Alberta, Nunavut, or Northwest Territories, please use the Alberta Online Transfer Guide available at alis.alberta.ca/ps/ep/aas/ta/transferalberta.html. If you attended a post-secondary institution in a province other than Alberta, you may check to see if that province has a transfer guide. If your coursework transfers to a major University in that province, then it most likely will be accepted here; the Undergraduate Student Services Office in the Faculty of Education will make the final determination.

For additional admissions information, consult the University of Alberta calendar: