Commitment to equity, diversity, inclusion, and decolonization and Indigeniety

The Faculty of Education is committed to increasing equitable and inclusive participation in our graduate and undergraduate programs, including our Faculty and Academic Teaching Staff teams.

Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Decolonization (EDID) and Indigeniety are vital and foundational in post-secondary institutions with an increased focus on and understanding of systemic inequity and barriers regarding the promotion and the integration of considerations related to equity, diversity, inclusion, decolonization and Indigeneity into course content, design, and pedagogy. Indigenization is the valuing and honoring of Indigenous knowledge systems and approaches. The rights of Indigenous peoples and the goals of self-determination are distinct from EDID because Indigenous peoples have a different relationship to Canada through Treaties.

The Faculty of Education is joined in this commitment by the University of Alberta, as outlined in the Strategic Plan for EDI and the Braiding Past, Present & Future: The Indigenous Strategic Plan. In addition, The Faculty of Education is committed to supporting and promoting good relations with and alongside Indigenous Peoples. Achieving a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive Canadian teaching landscape is essential to creating the excellent, innovative and equitable philosophies, practices, and pedagogies necessary to advance knowledge and understanding, and to respond to local, national, and global challenges.

The Faculty of Education recognizes that excellence is synonymous with equity and can be achieved only in an environment that fully respects and promotes equity, diversity, inclusion, decolonization and Indigeneity.

As a Faculty deeply committed to the public good and a future in which all members of our community can flourish, our efforts to adance equity, diversity, inlcusion, decolonization and Indigeneity are front of mind. The Student Advisory Committee for Advancing Racial Justice was formed in 2020, and became a formal standing committee of the Faculty in 2021. The Black, Indigenous, students of colour and allies who participate in SACARJ are helping to shape our vision and actions into the future and I am deeply grateful for their engagement, their wisdom and their guidance. Much has been accomplished over the last three years, but there is more to be done. This website is intended to highlight achievements to date, communicate work underway, and provide important resources to assist in this work.

Thank you for your commitment to advancing our commitments to EDID!

Dr. Jennifer Tupper (she/her)
Dean, Faculty of Education
College of Social Sciences & Humanities
University of Alberta

Dr. Farha Shariff (she/her)
Senior Advisor, EDID Initiatives
Office of the Dean
Director, Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development