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The Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights

The Office of Safe Disclosure & Human Rights (OSDHR) is a neutral, safe, and confidential space for members of the University community to disclose concerns about any potential misconduct or wrongdoing, including discrimination, harassment, financial misconduct, etc.

The role of OSDHR is to provide advice and referrals to those disclosing. OSDHR cannot accept formal complaints, however the office can advise on whether potential complaint processes are available. If someone is unsure of where to go, OSDHR is a good place to discuss potential next steps.

What we do:
  • Safe Disclosure & Advising
  • Consultation
  • Education
How to Contact OSDHR:

Relevant policies from University of Alberta Policies and Procedures Online (UAPPOL)

Office of the Vice-Provost (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

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