Disclosing Discrimination, Harassment and other Misconduct

You can make a disclosure using our online disclosure tool. This tool allows you to disclose your concerns via a secure website. This information goes to the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights (OSDHR) and an advisor will follow up with you.

For more information about disclosures, contact OSDHR by email at osdhr@ualberta.ca or telephone at 780-492-7357.

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What is a Disclosure

A disclosure is a concern about wrongdoing or policy breach shared in a confidential, safe and neutral space. Any member of the university community can disclose to the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights concerns including, but not limited to:

When a disclosure is made, it does not initiate a formal process. Advisors in the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights will listen to your concerns and provide you with advice about how you might proceed. You then decide if and when to initiate a formal process.

Students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and postdoctoral fellows are all welcome to contact OSDHR with any concerns and/or questions. If you are not sure where to go or about possible next steps, OSDHR is a good place to begin.

How to make a disclosure

There are a number of ways to make a disclosure:

Requests for meeting with an advisor will be accommodated as soon as possible, usually within 5 business days. Please note, walk-in appointments cannot be accommodated.

Am I able to make an anonymous disclosure?

You can remain anonymous; however, you will be required to provide an email address in case we need to follow up with you. We will not disclose contact information provided in your disclosure with any other party, except when there are concerns about harm to self or others, or the exploitation of minors, or obliged to do so as part of a legal process.

If you are not comfortable using your U of A contact information, you can provide non-university contact information, such as a personal phone number or email address. 

What are the limits of confidentiality?

Any disclosure of wrongdoing made to OSDHR is confidential. The information provided is not shared by our office with any other party. However, there are some circumstances where OSDHR is obliged to break confidence and disclose information contained in the disclosure:

  1. Disclosures that allege the harm or exploitation of minors
  2. Disclosures that raise concerns about imminent harm to self or others
  3. If obliged to do so as part of a legal process

Am I able to attach digital files to my disclosure?

Yes, however additional documentation is not required. The online disclosure tool allows digital files to be attached to a disclosure. You can attach most file types, but PDF files are preferred.


Telephone: 780-492-7357
E-mail: osdhr@ualberta.ca

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