"We are stronger together. Bringing different skills to bear on the same problem will ultimately help us figure out MS."
- Chris Power, MD, Co-Director of the MS Centre.

The University of Alberta's dedicated MS Centre demonstrates what can be done at an academic centre when science and medicine are linked. We bring together people with different areas of expertise, and MS researchers also work with patients in the MS Clinic. This approach:

  • educates medical professionals in all aspects of MS
  • expands opportunities for educators, researchers and students from diverse fields to collaborate MS
  • develops a new generation of highly qualified MS health care professionals and MS researchers

MS Centre affiliates


Member names and UofA Directory links
Name Expertise
Alan Wilman Neuroimaging
Anastassia Voronova Glial Biology
Anna Taylor Pharmacology
Babita Agrawal Immunology
Ben Willing Microbiology of Nutrigenomics
Bradley Kerr Neuroscience
Christian Beaulieu Neuroimaging
Christopher Power Neurologic Infection & Immunity
Colin Anderson Immunology
Colin Wilbur Pediatric Neurology
Derek Emery Neuroimaging
Esther Fujiwara Neuropsychology
Fabrizio Giuliani Neuroimmunology
Giseon Heo Statistics
Glen Baker Neurochemistry
Glen Jickling Genomics
Gregg Blevins Clinical Neuroimmunology
Jason Plemel Glial Biology
Jennifer McCombe MS Care
Jesse Jackson Physiology
Kathryn Todd Glial Biology
Lara Mahal Glycomics
Mahesh Kate Adult Neurology
Marek Michalak Cell Biology
Michael Houghton Virology
Olivier Julien Biochemistry 
Patricia Manns Rehab Medicine
Penny Smyth MS Care
Thomas Simmen Cell Biology
Troy Baldwin Immunology