Dr. Regula Qureshi accepts Mellon Visiting Professorship

The Department of Music's Regula Qureshi has accepted the prestigious Mellon Visiting Professorship, an interdisciplinary initiative bringing distinguished scholars to the University of Chicago to enhance and expand the study of Islam.

26 June 2014

Regula Qureshi has been nominated for a Mellon Visiting Professorship at the University of Chicago as part of the Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative designed to support the expansion and enhancement of the study of Islam at the University of Chicago.

The Mellon Islamic Studies Initiative will bring to the University of Chicago distinguished visiting scholars representing a wide range of topics in Islamic Studies to teach and enliven the intellectual study of fields related to Islam. Each visitor will bring to the community a unique area of expertise which they will share with the campus by giving a public lecture, teaching a class, and organizing a conference or symposium on their topic of study.

This campus-wide program of visitors is a bold attempt to create a more seamlessly interdivisional and interdisciplinary context for Islamic Studies at the University of Chicago and, in so doing, to establish a model for academia more broadly.

Professor Qureshi has accepted the nomination and will join the University of Chicago from September 2014 to March 2015.

Congratulations Regula!