Faculty by Area

The Department of Music is proud of its dedicated and talented faculty and staff. A collegial team, each person is committed to supporting, guiding, inspiring, and mentoring students in the pursuit of their dreams. Our award-winning faculty members are internationally engaged and respected researchers and performers.

  • Full-time Faculty

    Allison Balcetis
    Instructor, Saxophone

    Howard Bashaw
    Professor, Composition

    Mustafa Bor
    Faculty Lecturer, Theory

    Julia Byl
    Assistant Professor, Ethnomusicology

    Jacques Després
    Professor, Piano

    Brian Fauteux
    Assistant Professor, Cultural Studies/Media Studies

    Michael Frishkopf
    Professor, Ethnomusicology

    Christina Gier
    Associate Professor, Musicology

    David Gramit
    Professor, Musicology

    Mark Hannesson
    Assistant Professor, Composition

    Mary Ingraham
    Associate Professor, Musicology

    Maryam Moshaver
    Associate Professor, Theory

    Leonard Ratzlaff
    Professor, Choral Conducting

    Angela Schroeder
    Associate Professor, Band Conducting

    Scott Smallwood
    Associate Professor, Composition

    William H Street
    Professor, Saxophone

    Patricia Tao
    Associate Professor, Piano

    Guillaume Tardif
    Associate Professor, Violin & Viola

    John Tessier
    Assistant Professor, Voice

    Elizabeth Turnbull
    Instructor, Voice

  • Sessional Faculty

    Roger Admiral
    Instructor, Piano

    Wisdom Agorde
    Instructor, West African Music

    Jane Berry
    Instructor, Musicology/Theory

    Rob Curtis
    Instructor, Choral Conducting

    Nora Bumanis
    Instructor, Harp

    Brenda Dalen
    Instructor, Musicology

    Deanna Davis
    Instructor, Musicology

    Yue Deng
    Instructor, Violin

    Robin Doyon
    Instructor, Trumpet

    Petar Dundjerski
    Orchestral Conducting

    Rana El Kadi
    Instructor, Ethnomusicology

    Laurier Fagnan
    Instructor, Voice/Vocal Pedagogy

    Mary Fearon
    Instructor, Horn

    Karim Gillani
    Instructor, Ethnomusicology

    Evelyn Grieger
    Instructor, Choral

    Allene Hackleman

    Instructor, Horn

    Shannon Hiebert
    Instructor, Voice

    Charles Hudelson
    Instructor, Clarinet

    Brian Jones
    Instructor, Percussion

    Lidia Khaner
    Instructor, Oboe

    Robert Kpogo
    Instructor, West African Music

    Carl Lotsberg
    Instructor, Guitar

    Sharmila Mathur
    Instructor, Indian Music

    John McPherson
    Instructor, Brass

    Jennifer Messelink
    Instructor, Musicology

    Jamie Meyers-Riczu
    Instructor, Musicology

    Etelka Nyilasi
    Instructor, Ethnomusicology

    Mahsa Pakravan
    Instructor, Ethnomusicology

    Diane Persson
    Instructor, Bassoon

    Leanne Regehr
    Instructor, Vocal Literature

    Adam Robertson
    Instructor, Theory/Choral

    Donald Ross
    Instructor, Clarinet

    Colin Ryan
    Instructor, Cello

    Stuart Sladden

    Shelagh Scott

    Glenn Skelton
    Instructor, Conducting

    Sherry Steele
    Instructor, Voice

    Julianne Scott
    Instructor, Clarinet

    Christopher Taylor
    Instructor, Low Brass

    Andriy Talpash
    Instructor, Composition

    Brian Thurgood
    Instructor, Percussion Techniques

    Carol Thurgood
    Instructor, Brass Techniques

    Jan Urke
    Instructor, Double Bass

    Matthew Walton
    Instructor, Keyboard/Musicology

    Russell Whitehead
    Instructor, Trumpet

    David Wilson

    Shelley Younge
    Instructor, Flute