Office of Education

The College of Natural and Applied Sciences Office of Education provides administrative support to academic units in the faculties of ALES, Engineering and Science. Our Office of Education is fostering a new level of interdisciplinary teaching and offers consistent, high-quality, and personalized service to academic units in the College. We are elevating the student experience by creating and supporting interdisciplinary educational initiatives across our college and across all U of A campuses.

The key service functions of the Office of Education are:

  • academic integrity;
  • course scheduling and timetabling;
  • student systems; and
  • program coordination.

These functions were deemed suitable to move to the college because they would benefit from economies of scale and the potential to streamline processes while relieving administrative burden in our faculties. This work is a direct result of the valued consultation and conversations about processes mapping undertaken with key stakeholders within each of the CNAS faculties.

The Office of Education is led by our Director (Office of Education). Learn more about our leadership team.

Academic Integrity

The academic integrity team supports the academic discipline process by receiving reports of potential violations, coordinating all academic discipline cases and delivering programing on academic integrity. Discipline decisions will continue to be made by delegates of the faculty dean.

The team includes:

  • Michelle Spila - Academic Integrity Officer
  • Nicolette Anderson - Academic Integrity and Discipline Coordinator

The academic integrity team can be reached at

Course Scheduling and Timetabling

Within the Office of Education, the course scheduling and timetabling coordinators (CSTC) provide dedicated support to academic units in the CNAS, working collaboratively with academic and administrative leaders to construct a course timetable that best meets the needs of students (undergraduate and graduate) and professors. This team ensures that class scheduling, enrolment restrictions, space assignment and room booking procedures are documented and effectively implemented. They work proactively with departments to resolve issues and continually improve processes.

While CTSCs work together to support all college academic units, each department has a primary contact:

  • Emily Burdek (Biological Sciences; Earth and Atmospheric Sciences; Mathematical and Statistical Sciences; Psychology)
  • Carrie Dube (Biomedical Engineering; Chemical & Materials Engineering; Civil & Environmental Engineering and School of Mining & Petroleum Engineering; Electrical & Computer Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; David and Joan Lynch School of Engineering Safety and Risk Management)
  • Shannon Guenette (Chemistry; Physics; Computer Science)
  • Francine Hodder (Agricultural, Food & Nutritional Science; Human Ecology; Renewable Resources; Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology)

The course scheduling and timetabling coordinators can be reached at

Student Systems

The student systems team supports student services in faculties and departments by leveraging university IT systems to create more efficient processes and automate functions where it makes sense. For example, the team will work to map and update all CNAS undergraduate programs into the Beartracks Academic Advisement Report, which allows students to track their progress in their program and also determine the course implications of transferring to another CNAS program, while reducing the need of student services staff to manually update student progress reports.

The Student Systems Team includes:

  • Maribel Jiles - Team Lead
  • Altaaf Ackbar - Functional Analyst
  • Crystal Robinson - Functional Analyst
  • Amanda Webb Schilling - Functional Analyst

This team can be reached at

Program Coordination

The program coordinator is responsible for supporting student academic needs, including graduate academic administration and work-integrated learning. This role provides administrative services to the I-STEAM Pathways and MITACS BSI internship programs that are managed at the college. The program coordinator may also provide support as needed across the college for processes related to graduate admissions, enrolment, registration, awards, exams, academic scheduling and student records.

Anita Weiler will be joining the CNAS Office of Education team on January 3. Anita can be reached at


Jim Bohun, Director, Office of Education

Jim Bohun has been with the university for more than 20 years working in University Governance, the Office of the Dean of Students, and in the Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences (ALES) as Assistant Dean (Academic & Student Programs) where he played an integral role in developing and implementing undergraduate and graduate student services. Most recently he served as the Enrollment Management Service Partner for the College of Health Sciences.