Frequently Asked Questions

**updated February 2023

I can’t register in ENGL/WRS courses in my first year because they are full - what do I do?

While we advise to take these courses in first year, we know that often seats are not immediately available. You can register on a waitlist or you may consider taking the required ENGL/WRS courses in Spring/Summer or later in the program since they are not prerequisites for any other course in your program. If you want to maintain a full course load in your first year, you may register in other courses that will satisfy either a SCI or ARTS option requirement (listed in year 2 or 3 of the Neuroscience program).


I took SCIENCE 100 in first year. Can I transfer into Honours in Neuroscience?

Yes. Credit in SCI 100 will be considered equivalent to BIOL 107, 108; CHEM 101; MATH 134; PHYS 144, 146; PSYCH 104 (plus WRS 103 that is also taken during SCI 100). In the second year of Neuroscience, student will take *3 ENGL 1XX in place of one *3 science option.


How do I register for PHYSL 212/214? Do I need CHEM 102 and BIOL 108 as prerequisites?

Honours Neuroscience students can register for PHYSL 212 and 214 in person at the Department of Physiology office (7-55 Medical Sciences Building) or by sending information via email at

Our students do NOT require CHEM 102 and BIOL 108 as prerequisites for these courses. They DO require completion of CHEM 101 and CHEM 261 as prerequisites for the course.


Can I take PHYSL 210 instead of 212/214?

Students who register in Neuroscience in their first year of university MUST take PHYSL 212/214. Students who transfer into Neuroscience after their second year of study may take PHYSL 210 to meet the PHYSL 212/214 requirement, as they would be ineligible to take PHYSL 212/214.


Why can't I register for PSYCH 475 or other upper level PSYCH courses?

Neuroscience students are not eligible to register until May as the Department of Psychology gives first registration rights to students in their programs. While there have not been past issues ensuring Neuroscience students are admitted into these required courses, please ensure to register once eligible.


How do I register for NEURO courses?

Most NEURO courses have online registration through BearTracks, though some require departmental consent:

NEURO 210 - online; delayed registration for students not registered in the Honours Neuroscience program

NEURO 375 - online; once the course is full, e-mail for registration

NEURO 410 - online

NEURO 443 - online

NEURO 450/451/452/498/499 - Please see the course listings for instructions

NEURO 475 - online

NEURO 520 - online

NEURO 525 - online


Do I need to keep a full course load (*30 credits) in Fall and Winter terms?

As of Fall 2022, the Faculty of Science has eliminated the full course load requirements in the Honours program. Neuroscience students may take a reduced course load.

If you are considering a reduced course load, please be aware of any course sequencing issues going forward. Prerequisite courses should be taken as early as possible to provide flexibility later on. Some courses are only offered in either Fall or Winter term and may not be available again until a year later. Some senior-level courses may not be offered every year.

Students taking fewer than 15 units in each of the Fall and Winter terms, do not require permission to extend their degree beyond 4 years.

Students who exceed 120 units or who are not following their program requirements, need permission to extend their degree. (See Graduation Year in the Calendar for more information).

If you decide to register in less than 9 units per term, please ensure you understand any implications on tuition, awards, scholarships, loans, tax credits, student visa requirements, etc. You can contact Student Financial Support for any questions.

Can I take spring and summer courses?

While courses can be taken in spring and summer, they will not count towards your GPA calculated over Fall/Winter terms or the course load calculations required for admission or continuation in the program (i.e. a 3.3 GPA are still required in the Fall/Winter term).


What can I do with an Honours Neuroscience BSc?

The majority of students are interested in professional programs, typically medical school or graduate studies. The program is catered to these students but provides a solid scientific education that can lead to any number of careers.


Can I take a science course that isn't listed as an approved option?

Courses not listed as approved options in the University Calendar may be used as science options with prior approval from the Honours program co-ordinators (


How do I apply?

Applications to the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Honours Neuroscience program can be completed online through the Registrar's Office. More information on application procedures can be found on the Faculty of Science website.


What is a COURSE PLANNER? Why is it necessary?

All Honours in Neuroscience students must submit the course planner on a yearly basis to the honours program co-ordinator ( While it is ultimately the students' responsibility to ensure their course plan meets program requirements, sharing the planner with the co-ordinator will help identify any issues before they interfere with graduation or continuation in the program.


I am not sure I will meet the minimum GPA requirements this academic year. What should I do?

The info about the GPA requirements and the appeal process is the following:

Students whose GPA or course loads did not meet the Neuroscience Honours program continuation criteria will receive a notice via email and/or BearTracks explaining options for transferring into another program or appealing to stay in the Honours Neuroscience program. There is a firm deadline (4:00pm in mid-June, TBD for each year) to proceed with the appeal request. Typically, appeals are only granted for documented health reasons or other documented reasons that impair performance. However, our program has a one-time exception in place. That is, if your GPA is below 3.3 but above 3.0 (that is, ONLY 3.1 or 3.2) we would encourage you to appeal (as described in your notice). This exception is granted only ONCE during the program. If you meet these criteria, please include the following statement in your letter of appeal to the undergraduate coordinator:

"Historically, Honours Neuroscience students have been granted a one-time exception to the GPA and course load criteria, provided their GPA is above 3.0 in the preceding Fall/Winter terms. Consistent with this exception criteria, I would like to appeal on the grounds of my GPA of XX on XX credits during the Fall XXXX and Winter XXXX terms."

Letters can be e-mailed (include a digital signature) to; please write "Academic Appeal Letter" in the subject line.

How do I know if I can graduate?

The Honours program coordinator will make sure you satisfy the graduation requirements when they approve the 4th year planner. Furthermore, you may check directly with the Academic Assessment tool on your BearTracks account if you satisfy graduation requirements.

Am I eligible to obtain a Biomedical Research Certificate embedded in my Neuroscience degree?

If you have completed the requirements for the certificate, you need to discuss with the Honours program coordinator your progress towards the certificate and submit the form to the Student Service Centre when you apply for graduation.