Undergraduate Students

The Honors in Neuroscience Program is an interdisciplinary program coordinated by the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute and administered by the Faculty of Science.

The program is intended for students planning a career in neuroscience. It offers the opportunity to learn about the most recent and exciting advances in the study of the brain and learn research skills in a neuroscience laboratory.

As a Bachelor of Science (BSc) Honors student you will focus on neuroscience and must maintain a higher standard of academic achievement than those in a Bachelor of Science (BSc) General or Specialization program. This is the best program if you plan to pursue a higher degree or a research or academic career.

What can I do with a BSc in Neuroscience?

The majority of our students are interested in further professional programs, typically medical school or graduate studies. Our program is catered to these students but provides a solid scientific education for any motivated student that can lead to a number of careers.

Neuroscience Students' Association

The Neuroscience Students' Association (NSA) is a resource base that organizes group activities and provides academic opportunities for undergraduate neuroscience students.

Prospective students may find that speaking with a member of the NSA can provide information on this topic.