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New Trail 100

Class Notes Are Always In Style

Over the past 100 years New Trail has printed class notes of all stripes. Here are a few of our favourites.

New Trail is 100! To celebrate our centenary year, we went back into the archives and dug up 100 weird and wonderful moments from our past issues. On our hunt, we got glimpses of life on campus through the decades, came across grads and researchers trying to make a difference in the world and found a century-long collection of snippets and stories like the one you're about to read. From the alumni annals, here are a few of the 100 Things We Learned Reading 100 Years of New Trail.

Charles E. Simmons, ’50 BSc(MiningEng), ’57 BEd, reports that he retired in 1976. “I have been so busy doing nothing, I cannot find time to finish, and if I ever finish, I suppose I’ll never know it.” (Summer 1987)

In a recent letter from Harold V. Weekes, ’48 BA, he notes that The New Trail serves as excellent propaganda to support his thesis that Toronto is not necessarily the only university in Canada. (Winter 1952)

Norma Christie, ’35 BA, says she couldn’t marry the man she wanted and wouldn’t marry the man who wanted her, so she stayed single. “I’m glad I’m a spinster.” (Summer 1963)

Stewart Devine, ’82 BA, ’84 MBA, and Kelly Palmer, ’81 BA(RecAdmin), ’84 MBA, ’85 LLB, who now reside in Britain, report that they are putting the “entrepreneurial skills we learned at university to use” as the owners and managers of an adult entertainment centre in Soho in London’s West End. (Summer 1989)

H.E. Rawlinson, ’27 MD, tells us that his hair is greyer, he is a few pounds heavier, not much wiser and poorer financially. (Summer 1952)

William Taylor, ’53 BSc, is eager to answer a newspaper story seeking a person with stamina, courage, and $1,500, who is willing to leave for a one-year expedition to the mysterious lands of the Incas, in South America’s wild Andes mountain area. “I fly a plane, have mountain climbed, have the money and can’t think of anything more exciting and adventurous,” said Taylor. (Winter 1957-58)

Ralph A. Grant, ’30 BSc(Ag), has a few troubles. Apparently, years ago he read a form saying, “If in doubt, omit,” and so he is still a bachelor. Grant is afraid he took it too much to heart. (Spring 1953)

Edwin “Red” Davidson, ’34 BSc(Ag), and his wife are living a few miles out of Lethbridge, and are devoting all their energies to the raising of sheep, literally by the thousands — well, they do have five children as well, but you would never know it by the look of them. (August 1949)

Stephen Alvey, ’77 BSc(ElecEng), recently transferred to Nashville, Tenn., with Northern Telecom Inc. as director, product management. “I’m starting to talk funny already.” (Summer 1986)

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