Research Contracts

Many sponsors require that research funding terms be set out in a contract. The university is committed to entering into research contracts that embody principles of fairness, accountability, open disclosure of research results, and research carried out with the highest possible standards.

We coordinate all research contracts, including:

  • research contracts with single or multiple sponsors
  • technical service contracts
  • subcontracts for research involving other institutions;
  • master agreements
  • research network and inter-institutional agreements
  • memoranda of understanding for research projects

RSO has template contracts available for these situations, or we can review contracts provided by sponsors.

Reminder: RSO is the signing authority for these contracts, not researchers.

Other Agreements

Data transfer agreements, material transfer agreements and confidential disclosure agreements involving the University of Alberta are coordinated by Technology Transfer Services.

Clinical trial agreements typically start with the Northern Alberta Clinical Trials Research Centre (NACTRC). Please note that applications to government granting agencies for clinical trial purposes are handled by RSO.

I Need a Research Contract? What do I do?
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