UAlberta has a strong record of pioneering research discoveries and innovations, many of which have spawned new companies and products. Our company creation record goes back over 50 years, when UAlberta spinoffs R&L Molecular Research (1962) and Raylo Chemicals (1966) helped launch Alberta’s biotech economy.
Transferring discoveries, knowledge and innovations out of the university is just one way our research is helping shape the future, improving quality of life, driving economic diversity and serving the public who help fund that research.

From idea, to market, to you
Research creates the knowledge required to innovate and create new solutions and technologies. Commercialization is one way new discoveries make their way to you. Spinoff companies are formed to transfer research discoveries directly, while UAlberta research discoveries can also be licensed to a non UAlberta company to develop and market.

TEC Edmonton
Our dedicated commercialization arm and business accelerator is TEC Edmonton—a non-profit joint venture between UAlberta and the Edmonton Economic Development Corporation. Since 2013, it has been ranked one of the world's top university business incubators. In 2018 it was named world’s 3rd best university linked business incubator. Learn more.

Company success not just creation
We don’t just focus on creating companies—that’s the “easier” part. We focus on helping new companies succeed via various entrepreneurial supports and resources. The evidence our approach is working is demonstrated by the fact we have 100 research driven spin-offs still operational. Learn more about UAlberta's entrepreneurship supports and services.