IG Boot Camp

Spring Forward! Insight & Partnership Development Boot Camp 2021

While the 2021 Insight grant submission deadline of October seems far off, and summer beckons as an open space for intellectual productivity, the reality is that summer is not endless, voids tend to get filled with quotidian things and then it's September, the time of last minute course prep, new classes, students, committees and departmental responsibilities. Without a plan, the summer grant-writing season passes quickly and then the IG deadline hits. With a thud. Time to spring forward,

Every year, in late May or early June, the Senior Advisor, Research Development (SSH), offers a boot camp to get you started on your Insight or Partnership Development funding proposal. The series of five, full-day, facilitated writing sessions work like a writing club's retreat. They will give you a date with your writing, demystify the application and adjudication process, provide challenging intellectual probing of your research plan, colleagues to share ideas about research design, methods, knowledge mobilization, student training, etc. It will better position you for success with the SSHRC grant competition. Each session will include information about a specific section of the grant application, tips for success, quiet time for writing, and opportunities for collegial feedback. Participants must plan to attend all sessions, expect to read and comment on each other's writing, and come prepared to write each day. A deposit of $50 is required as surety for your place. *This deposit will be refunded to participants who complete all sessions*.

Who is the Spring Forward boot camp for?

The boot camp is open to all continuing faculty members, whether emerging or established scholars. While emphasis is on the Insight competition (due October 1, annually), scholars pursuing a Partnership Development grant (due Nov 15) are welcome. Participants must commit to attending all five sessions, expect 'homework assignments' between each session, and should plan to dedicate mental energy for the full two weeks to their grant application. The boot camp is about getting some real work done. Please don't apply if you can't make all of the sessions. Space is limited, and priority will be given to those who have never participated in a boot camp, but return alum are welcome if space allows.

More details

By the end of the boot camp you should have:

  1. Clear understanding of the expectations of the Insight grant competition: what succeeds with adjudicators, including how to score higher and pitfalls to avoid.
  2. Good outline of your proposal, including the Detailed Description, Budget, Knowledge Mobilization, and Effective Research Training components
  3. Draft version of an exciting Summary Page
  4. Plan for what more you need to do over the summer in order to have a solid research application to submit for peer review in September

When is it? How do I sign up?

The 2021 sessions will be held on TBA (not co-terminous with Congress), on campus, from 09:30 to 16:00 each day. Participants are expected to commit to all sessions. This advance notice is intended to help you clear your calendar for the duration of the boot camp, and dedicate yourself to writing the first draft of your proposal.

Space is limited. Applications must be submitted by noon, April 15, 2021.

Please indicate your interest, and provide contact details and any necessary accommodations via the link provided (below). Acceptance notices will be sent by TBA with details for submitting the deposit.Your registration will be finalized upon receipt of a $50 deposit (refundable). It must which must be in the GAP office by TBA or your space will go to the next name on the list. *If your acceptance has not been confirmed, do not send a deposit, and do not assume you have been accepted.*

*This deposit will be refunded to participants who complete all sessions*.

The request form is CLOSED.

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