Closing a Project

PIs are responsible for notifying the ACUC or REB (from within the ARISE system) when ethics certification is no longer required for a project.

In order to close an approved study, a Closing Report must be submitted from within the ARISE system. A Closing Report should be filed when data collection has ended and the study team will no longer be using animals or have any direct or indirect contact with the research participants for the study.

Filing a closing report (rather than just letting your approval lapse) is important as it assists REO in efficiently tracking and reporting on projects. Note that some funding agencies and sponsors require a notice of closure from the ACUC/ REB which can only be generated after the Closing Report has been filed.

Additionally, when a closing report is filed for a funded project a notice is automatically forwarded to RSO, allowing them to update the project file without the need to follow up with REO or the researcher.