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FAQ - ARISE (Online ethics system)

How do I create a renewal/amendment/closing report (Post Approval Activities/PAAs)?

On the study’s homepage, you will see options to create an amendment, renewal, or closing report (left-hand side in the grey area).

Study homepage, PAA buttons shown

For each type of submission you will need to answer questions related to that submission (i.e. an amendment or renewal form) and then submit the amendment/renewal to the REB/ACUC for review. For amendments, you will also need to edit your approved study (link on the last page of amendment form) to make any applicable changes so that the amendment changes are reflected in the application.

NOTE: for human participant research, you can only have one Post Approval Activity open at a time.  Therefore if you have an amendment open, you will NOT see the button to create a renewal.  For animal research, you can submit an amendment and a renewal at the same time, but not during a Full Renewal (4th year renewals).  See the help videos.

I received a notification that my study is due to expire but I already sent in my renewal.

There are a few reasons this could be happening:

  1. You may have created the renewal without submitting it (ie. it is still in Pre-submission). Find this renewal in your Dashboard Inbox, and click SUBMIT FOR REVIEW. 
  2. Renewal reminders continue to go out until the renewal has been processed.
I submitted a Closing Report, but I received a notification that my application expired?
If you submitted a closing report too close to the study’s expiration date, the study may still expire.  Once the Closing Report is processed, you will receive an acknowledgement of study closure by email notification.
I just renewed my study, but the approval date on the letter is wrong.

You may be looking at the study’s original approval letter, rather than the renewal approval letter.

Study main workspace
Image 1:  Main workspace of a study. The original letter of approval is accessed here. 

Approval letters for any post-approval activities (ie. amendments or renewals) will be found within the workspace specific to that amendment or renewal.  You can find these workspaces in the study history (in image above - "View Renewal workspace" or by clicking on the renewal, amendment or PAA tab within the study (in image above - the "PAAs" tab is shown; could also be separate renewal or amendment tabs). 

Study PAA workspace, view approval letter
Image 2:  Example of a renewal workspace. The letter of approval here is for this renewal.

Once you locate the renewal or amendment submission you are looking for, click to open it and you will see “Letter of Approval” (in the same space where you see the PI, REB/ACUC, expiry date, etc) - click on “View”. See the help video.

My CCID doesn’t work.

Make sure you’re only using your CCID to login, and not your full email address.  Also, CCIDs are case-sensitive.  Ensure you are typing it in correctly.  You can test your CCID here:

If you were given a Guest CCID to access ARISE (ie. you are not an employee or Faculty member of the U of A), it may have expired. Contact the Department/office that provided your Guest CCID.  If it expired, they can reinstate it.  After this, it can take 24-48 hours for Peoplesoft to sync with ARISE – and you will be able to log in again.

My name is not in the drop down menu when the PI tries to add me to their study.

If your name does not show up in a drop down menu within the application you may not have the right “role” selected in your ARISE profile (ie. study coordinator or investigator).  To fix this, log into ARISE and click the “Request Additional Roles” button to select the role you require (help video): 

1) Once you are in ARISE, click the Dashboard button (below UA logo). 

2) Click 'Request Additional Role' which is a button located on the left-hand side of the screen in the grey shaded area.  

3) Scroll down and check the ROLE that you are requesting – click Continue. Please note that not all applicants will qualify to hold all roles (i.e. only Academic Staff, students at the University of Alberta, or approved external applicant researchers will be able to have a Human Research - Principal Investigator role).

4) Ensure your Registration Profile is complete by completing the four questions on the second page – click Finish.  To search for your primary department - either scroll through the listing of University Department codes (i.e. Medicine is MH, Rehabilitation Medicine is RM) OR make sure the 'filter by' is set to 'Organization' to search and use the "%" before your Department name (i.e. write %Medicine or %Arts).

5) Once you are finished click Submit Request and then OK to have the request processed.

6) If you have selected a Role that you are eligible to hold in the system, you will receive a message that the role has been granted. If you are not eligible, the message will show that the request has been rejected. 

NOTE: Animal researchers must complete Part 1 Animal Training before obtaining access to ARISE to request the role of "ACUC Applicant".

I've requested an additional role in ARISE, but it doesn't tell me I've been approved or denied.

You may have created the request without submitting it (ie. it’s in Pre-submission). To see if you have an unsubmitted role request, click on the “General” tab on your personal home page.  If you have a request with a state of “Pre-submission” you must open that request and submit it.  See the help video

Pre-submission of role request in General tab

I don't see the Request Additional Role button

You likely already have started a request for an additional role that was not submitted. To see if you have an unsubmitted role request, click on the “General” tab on your personal home page.  If you have a request with a state of “Pre-submission” you must open that request and submit it.  See the help video.

Request Additional Roles button is missing

How do I add a new funding source to my approved study or how do I remove funding?
On the study’s homepage, click the “Change Funding” button (left-hand side in grey area), and follow the prompts. NOTE:  you cannot change funding by submitting an amendment, AND the Change Funding button is ONLY available on the Approved Study workspace.  See the help documents: Animal Use or Human Research.
I cannot find my RES number in the drop down list when I try to add it to my approved ethics application?

The ARISE system and PeopleSoft system have been integrated to allow linkage of ethics applications to financial accounts.  If you are trying to add a source of funding to your ethics application and the Proposal/Project ID number (RES00XXXXX) does not show up in the drop down list check the following:

  1. Proposal/Project ID number (RES00XXXXX) will only show up in ARISE, if you have indicated "yes" that Human and/or Animal are required in the certification section through the Researcher Home Page
  2. Proposal/Project ID number (RES00XXXXX) will only show up in ARISE 24-48 hours after being requested through the Researcher Home Page, the two systems need time to "sync"
  3. If at least one of the people listed on the grant is NOT listed on the ethics application as either a PI or Co-PI, the Proposal/Project ID number will NOT show on the drop down list in the ethics application: 
    FOR HUMAN ETHICS APPLICATIONS:  Either PI in 1.1 (5.0) or Co-PI in 1.1 (9.0) in ARISE must be listed as the PI OR Co-PI named in the Proposal/Project (RES00XXXXX) on the Researcher Home Page. 
    FOR ANIMAL ETHICS APPLICATIONS:  Either PI or EDIT staff in 1.1 (6.1) in ARISE must be listed as the PI OR Co-PI named in the Proposal/Project (RES00XXXXX) on the Researcher Home Page. 

If you have checked these 3 things and New Proposal/Project ID number (RES00XXXXX) still does not show on the drop down list, please contact

The funding on my approval letter isn’t accurate.

If your approval letter lists an incorrect funding source, you will need to do 2 things.  First, complete the “Change Funding” process to update your application with the correct source of funding.  Next, contact your REB/ACUC administrator and they will have to update the most recent approval letter to reflect this new source of funding.

Change funding button

I created an application and added my Supervisor, but they cannot see the study in ARISE.

In ARISE, what you can see is unique to the role you are in.  Make sure that your Supervisor is looking for the study in their “Supervisor” role and not their “Applicant” role.  To change “roles” look on the top left-hand side of your Dashboard page and click on Supervisor.  See help document for Supervisors.


As supervisor, I want to add a funding source to my student’s study but I don't see an option to do this.
Supervisors cannot currently add funding to their student's application; the student who is named as the PI can make the change. You will have to provide the account information to your student, who can use the Change Funding activity to edit the funding associated with the approved study. See the help document for Change Funding.
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