Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology's areas of research strength and focus are:

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Environmental and Resource Economics
Environmental valuation; market based instruments and institutional arrangements for environmental protection; laboratory and field experiments; economic impacts and responses to environmental change in Indigenous communities and developed/developing countries

Faculty who specialize in this area: Vic Adamowicz, Peter Boxall, Marty Luckert, Brent Swallow, Bruno Wichmann

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Economics of Agriculture, Food & Agribusiness
Economics of food and nutrition; consumer behavior; demand analysis, regulatory issues; international trade; agribusiness implications; agricultural finance, production and marketing; policy analysis; bio-technology.

Faculty who specialize in this area: Henry An, Sven Anders, Xiaoli Fan, Ellen Goddard, Scott Jeffrey, Philippe Marcoul, Sandeep Mohapatra, Feng Qiu

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Environmental and Resource Sociology
Natural resource and environmental policy and governance; sociology of food, water and energy; rural and Indigenous community well-being; social impacts and responses to environmental change

Faculty who specialize in this area: Debra Davidson, Kevin Jones, John Parkins, Brenda Parlee

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International Development
Interdisciplinary research; food security; REDD+; technology adoption; social networks; gender; women's empowerment; social practice; climate change; watershed management.

Faculty who specialize in this area: Henry An, Ellen Goddard, Marty Luckert, Philippe Marcoul, Sandeep Mohapatra, John Parkins, Brenda Parlee, Brent Swallow

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