Our Process

At the core of our processes is building good relations among our scholars and community partners, a process which takes time. We have therefore approached our planning of the first three years of SKIPP activity with flexibility and openness, recognizing that the outcomes need to be co-created with the community. 


  • To learn how the SKIPP could be governed in a way that reflects Indigenous ways of knowing and being
  • To explore how the Signature Area could best serve the needs of Indigenous and community-engaged scholars, as well as Indigenous communities
  • To build relationships between the leadership team and scholars and students on campus


  • To connect scholars at the University of Alberta doing Indigenous-engaged work in particular areas to build community and capacity
  • To connect with Indigenous partners (communities, nations, and organizations) to assess how SKIPP can best engage with them
  • To work with the VP Indigenous Programming and Research office to streamline Indigenous community engagement.


We will be focusing on building a sustainable future for the signature area. Drawing from what we heard during the listening phase and the connections we have cultivated during the connecting phase, we will explore how SKIPP can move forward in a good way. This will take shape through several activities.

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Supporting Indigenous Scholarship
  • Developing a Scholar Directory
  • Visioning a Sustainable Future