Travel & Training Grant

With pandemic preparedness research becoming increasingly interdisciplinary, SPP-ARC is looking to support trainees in their need to develop a multifaceted skill set that complements their research projects. The SPP-ARC Travel & Training (TNT) Grant will provide up to $20,000.00 CAD in funding for several trainees per year to train at another institution and learn novel techniques that benefit their laboratory and SPP-ARC-related project. The funding is meant to cover living expenses incurred while at the visiting institution, including travel, accommodation, food, and other travel-related expenses such as visa applications.

funding process

Please contact for the most updated application documents and for more details on application criteria.


  • This opportunity is open to MSc students, PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, and research staff in SPP-ARC member laboratories.
  • For MSc and PhD students, it is expected that the awarded travel would not significantly interfere with their degree progress and requirements.
  • The training proposal should be focused on the acquisition of knowledge that is otherwise unavailable at the University of Alberta and partnering institutions.
  • Only proposals for future travel plans will be considered. An applicant may not submit an application requesting reimbursement for travel that has taken place prior to the application submission date.
  • Visiting laboratories and institutions choices should be i) based on existing collaborations with the home SPP-ARC laboratory OR ii) through prior communication and written agreement. SPP-ARC will not be responsible for facilitating initial visiting laboratory contact or training planning.
  • It is the responsibility of both the home and hosting PIs and their lab members, in conjunction with their institutions, to ensure that all academic and research activities carried out in or outside the Canada comply with the laws or regulations of the Canada and/or of the foreign country in which the academic and/or research activities are conducted. SPP-ARC will not be held liable for any scientific misconduct.

Application Instructions

  1. A completed Training Proposal Form
  2. A completed Institution Information and Itemized Itinerary Form
  3. A letter of support from your principal investigator.
  4. An invitation letter from the visiting institution, signed and acknowledged by the visiting PI/Manager and their respective department.
  5. A current Curriculum Vitae
  6. Submit your completed application to and CC: 

Application Deadlines

Competition Applications Due Selection Committee Results by
FALL October 1 by 5:00PM MT December 15
WINTER January 5 by 5:00PM MT March 15
SPRING April 1 by 5:00PM MT June 15
SUMMER July 2 by 5:00PM MT September 15