Applying for SPP-ARC Funding

SPP-ARC has multiple opportunities for funding projects, infrastructure, and core development that will enhance the vaccine and therapeutics research portfolios. This can range from smaller project grants, to larger team-based grants that can support the expansion of capabilities in pandemic preparedness research. With an interdisciplinary team spanning across biochemistry, chemistry, immunology, and virology, the objective is to building complementary pipelines in vaccine and therapeutic design.

SPP-ARC project grant applications

Please contact for the most updated application documents.

Operating Grants 

These applications include one nominal principal application and their collaborators that can apply for up to $200,000.00 in operating funds to advance their individual projects.

Key Criteria

  • Grant applications should clearly indicate how the project aligns with the funded grant objectives of pandemic preparedness (regardless of pathogen). A focus on therapeutic or vaccine development is required.
  • The proposal should be organized to highlight clearly-defined specific milestones that are concrete, measurable and feasible in the next 1-2 years of funding. These milestones will be major determining factors during grant renewal review. It is recommended that the milestones are presented as a table. References and milestones table do not count towards the 3-page limit for the proposal.
  • The application should convey a clear rationale for the specific directions over alternative approaches for achieving best progression towards pandemic preparedness.
  • Where grants include aspects of GMP, clinical trials, IP or other translational directives, applications should include long-held experts in these areas. SPP-ARC can assist in generating these connections as requested.
  • Budgets must be well justified and clearly described, and the committee is at liberty to decide whether the full amount of requested funds is justified on a case-by-case basis.
For SPP-ARC-Participating Investigators:
  • Each SPP-ARC member can apply as Nominal Principal Applicant (NPA) up to $200,000.00 total worth operating funds. As such, an investigator can hold multiple operating grants so long as the total requested amount across 2 years is less or equal to $200,000.00.
  • SPP-ARC members and non-members can serve as co-investigators and collaborators so long as all project-related funds are held at the University of Alberta.
For Non-Member Investigators:
  • Non-members are encouraged to collaborate with SPP-ARC investigators that are permitted to submit grant application as NPA.


These applications include one nominal principal application that can apply for up to $250,000.00 to finance the purchase and maintenance of equipment that has relevant usage for the applicant and has a wider benefit to other SPP-ARC members and associated projects.

Key Criteria

  • Equipment should be very well justified, with a clear benefit to the larger research portfolio groups.
  • There should be a certain degree of urgency to equipment need.

Review Process

All grant applications are reviewed by the SPP-ARC Grant Support Committee that considers the criteria above. In addition, external review may be done if deemed necessary by the committee. Proposals are rarely accepted without recommendations for revisions, as the mandate of the committee is to work with SPP-ARC members towards achieving project goals that best prepare for future pandemics. If the committee identifies areas for improvement that would increase the probability of success, the proposal is returned to the applicant with encouragement for re-submission. Grant applications are rejected, when major concerns are shared by the majority of the committee. However, SPP-ARC members are permitted to submit new grant applications at future competitions.  

Application Deadlines

Competition Applications Due Selection Committee Results by
FALL October 1 by 5:00PM MT December 15
WINTER January 5 by 5:00PM MT March 15
SPRING April 1 by 5:00PM MT June 15
SUMMER July 2 by 5:00PM MT September 15