Caring for Our Campuses

Working together to keep our campuses safe and welcoming.


Welcome to Fall 2021! Things will look a little different on our campuses as we adjust to being together in person. By working together, we can ensure that our campuses continue to be friendly and welcoming for our whole community. 

Some in our university community have not had the opportunity to visit campus since March 2020. (Do you remember your route from the parking lot or LRT station?) Others will be moving to new spaces on campus or to other campuses, including Enterprise Square.

More than 80% of our campus community will be returning to our spaces between September and December 2021. It’s an exciting time, but it’ll take some adjusting too. 

Here are some ways we can support each other as we return to our campuses.

Campus cleaning & sanitization services keeping you safe

  • High touch surfaces (like doorknobs and railings), with an increased frequency during the day.
  • Daily cleaning of washrooms with spot checks during the day.
  • Emptying recycling and garbage Zero Waste Stations daily.
  • Daily sanitization spot checks on public surfaces in common areas and lounges and full sanitizations overnight twice per week.
  • Cleaning entrances and lobbies twice per week (daily in the winter).
  • Adding hand sanitizing stations at main entrances to buildings.

Visit Cleaning Services for more information on our cleaning standards and schedules.

Zero Waste Stations

How you can help

Campus health and safety is a shared responsibility. You can help by following current public health measures and by utilizing these cleaning tips: 

Get ready to work in your office

  • Clean and sanitize your fridge, desk drawers and office equipment including electronics like your monitor and keyboard.
  • Bring your garbage (especially food, which may attract pests) to the nearest Zero Waste Station instead of leaving it in your office or common area.
  • Contact your supervisor for additional cleaning services if required, please do not submit a maintenance request for regular cleaning.

Shared spaces belong to everyone

  • Clean up after yourself in common areas, use unscented wipes to sanitize surfaces before and after use. 
  • Sanitize your hands and clean your shoes (boot scrubbers available in colder months) when you enter a building.
  • Do not place office garbage containers in the hallway for pickup. Empty your garbage in the Zero Waste Stations (emptied daily) between monthly services.

Manage your deliveries

  • Break down delivery boxes and stack the flattened boxes beside the Zero Waste Station for pickup to avoid creating a fire hazard. 
  • If you are unsure about the location of the nearest Zero Waste Station, please contact your Facility Service Manager for more information.

Need something fixed?

Submit an online maintenance request at for maintenance issues requiring attention (including pests). There is an expected high volume of maintenance requests at this time, please be patient as these requests are prioritized across our campuses.

For urgent issues, including floods and hazards, call our maintenance desk immediately at 780-492-4833.

Other resources on campus