What is PARIS?

PARIS is an integrated approach by the University of Alberta for managing University information and records. Records and information management is meant to be simple and embedded into business practices.

PARIS stakeholders include the University Records Office; Information & Privacy Office: University of Alberta Archives; and the Office of the Chief Information Security Officer.

Why is PARIS important to the University?

Launched in 2020 and led by the University Records Office, PARIS incorporates and addresses intersectional information management issues to allow University Units to identify, accept and mitigate the risks they are accountable for when managing University information.

What can PARIS do for you?

PARIS enables units to demonstrate their compliance with the University of Alberta Records Management Policy for managing University records and information.

PARIS ensures University information and records are captured, used, and managed appropriately, and that the risk around records and information (for instance, being misused, unable to be found, not reliable) is understood and mitigated.

Contact any of the PARIS stakeholder groups for more information.

PARIS Training

PARIS training sessions are held monthly for the University community and signup is through the LearnCentre.

We are also able to offer department-specific PARIS training sessions for groups of 10 or more. Contact us for more information.

PARIS training through the LearnCentre

PARIS - Integrated Information Management Training, including Health Information Act (Presentation)

Business Rules and PARIS Assessments

Unit records and information can be managed when consistent rules and expectations are in place.

The University Records Office can help you build unit rules for managing information, and can provide a current state PARIS Assessment of how your rules align with Records Management Policy.

Elements to consider include file naming conventions, folder structures, access controls, and records retention scheduling.

Contact us for more information on building business rules and conducting PARIS Assessments.