Updates to the Career Portal

21 March 2024

Due to the instability of the current Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD), IST has created an interim career portal to address the current system limitations. Planning is underway to replace the aging RAD with Oracle Recruitment under the CASIP program. The updated career portal will be available March 27.

In preparation for this transition, please note the following: 

  • The current U of A career page will be offline from the morning of Friday, March 22, until the evening of Tuesday, March 26. During this period, applicants will not be able to view postings or submit applications.
  • Active job postings will be restored on the updated portal on March 27.
  • Closing dates for competitions will be extended to ensure a minimum of five business days or the minimum number of days originally requested by the hiring unit. The Talent Acquisition team will be reaching out to hiring managers who have a closing date during the offline period. 
  • The Talent Acquisition team will continue to download resumes to recruitment folders. 
  • If you have recently submitted a job posting request with a posting date between March 22 to 26, the posting will be available on March 27.

If you have any questions, please contact the Staff Service Centre