Programs & Projects

Continuous Administrative Service Improvement Program (CASIP)

The improvement of business processes is a top priority for the university. To address this priority, the Continuous Administrative Service Improvement Program (CASIP) was developed to review critical business processes across the university to improve and streamline process. Led by the University Initiatives Office (UIO), CASIP will improve the experience of users who access U of A services, and of users navigating and working within these processes.

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University services and finance Initiatives

The University Services and Finance (USF) initiatives were developed to fix and improve process for the university community in key areas including recruitment, employee appointment, contracts, payments, salary & benefit adjustments and research finance. Note: The USF Initiatives are now part of the Continual Administrative Service Improvement Program (CASIP).

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Research Administration Process Redesign

The Office of the Vice-President (Research and Innovation) is committed to improving the researcher experience through standardized, efficient and effective administrative processes. A project was launched in Fall of 2022 with the mapping of end-to-end research administration activities. This process leveraged discovery work completed during SET, existing data analysis, and stakeholder consultation. The result was a prioritization of processes that needed improvement, and the work was grouped into bundles:

  • Pre-award - Research administration workflow (ie. online approvals) - opportunity to reduce the number of approvals needed and to streamlining the overall process 
  • Post-award - Transactional activities - opportunity to reduce the number salary and benefit adjustments from research activities and streamlining the process when SBAs are required 
  • Review of research ethics processes 

Work on this first phase of this project is expected to be completed by Spring 2023. 

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Research Partners Network Expansion & Workstream Update

Work Integrated Learning (College of Health Sciences)

As the new U of A Operating Model continues to be operationalized, opportunities exist for certain aspects of administration to be coordinated at the College level, to ensure that services are coordinated that processes are optimized. The College of Health Sciences was the first to explore this for Work Integrated Learning - in this case classified as clinical and non-clinical placements. Representatives from each of the CHS faculties participated in workshops to confirm current processes and jointly develop future state process maps for three areas - agreements, student documentation and data entry into student placement systems. Implementation of these new processes is expected in Summer 2023.