New steps for recruitment

03 March 2022

The HR teams have made it easier to understand how to recruit new team members. A new step-by-step process in the Recruitment section of the website guides hiring managers, initiators and HR Service Partners through the requirements, approvals and forms required to hire faculty, staff and foreign nationals.

Step 1: Consult your partners about hiring

Hiring managers and initiators must consult their HR Service Partner and Finance Partner before beginning the hiring process to ensure all positions are aligned with the University of Alberta for Tomorrow model and the budget. We've outlined your responsibilities more clearly.

Step 2: Secure hiring approval

Hiring controls are in place for most positions. Understand the process for securing approval.

Step 3: Job design and evaluation

This section helps you decide whether you need to have a position evaluated and how to get a job evaluation done. We've updated this web page into a step-by-step process including information about our new job cards.

Step 4: Immigration requirements for foreign nationals

Planning to accept resumes from foreign nationals? Review your responsibilities and the immigration requirements. We've updated this web page into a step-by-step process.

Step 5: Draft a job posting

Learn about writing a job posting, use the new job posting template, and review qualifications to consider. New job posting templates allow you to fill in fields to ensure the information required for each staff type is included. This will drive more consistency in job postings and expedite processing.

Step 6: Advertise a position

This page helps budget approvers decide whether to pay for external advertising. We've included a number of options for placing advertisements.

Step 7: Request a job posting

Once you've gathered the documents required to process your job posting, submit a Job Posting Request Form through the Staff Service Centre. This new form creates efficiencies in processing as information is gathered proactively, reducing the need for Shared Services to follow up and delay posting. This page also describes the recall and duty-to-accommodate responsibilities that may apply.

Step 8: Review applications

Revised content describes the new process for reviewing resumes in the Recruitment and Advertising Database (RAD). Previously, hiring managers and HR support were responsible for creating, managing and revising job postings within RAD. Shared Services now takes care of these steps. Initiators, hiring managers and HR Service Partners will be granted access to view applicants in RAD once the job posting is live on the Careers site. This ensures compliance with hiring controls, staff agreements and other legislation is met before postings are published.

Step 9: Prepare for interviews

Plan your interview, identify your interview team and get ready to meet with your candidates.

Step 10: Select a candidate

Read about best practices and policies for choosing a new employee.

Step 11: Make an offer (appointment or extension of appointment)

We recently rolled out a new process for appointment (new offer) and reappointment (extension).

This new process replaces using eForms and Pay Action forms to hire and extend appointments. The hire form available within the eForms system will be removed shortly. Those in the middle of the eForms and Pay Action Forms process will complete their appointments using the old process. All new appointments and reappointments will be completed in the new system.

Bulk appointment templates are expected to be available in early March.

Share your feedback about our new steps

We hope this step-by-step process makes the hiring process clearer and easier to navigate. As you follow these new steps, we welcome your feedback so we can continue to make hiring easier for you. Share your input in the feedback form on the Staff Service Centre web page at

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