Safe Disclosure


What is a Disclosure?

A disclosure is a concern about wrongdoing or policy breach shared in a confidential, safe and neutral space. At the University of Alberta, this is the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights, where any member of the university community can disclose concerns such as accommodation issues, safety violations, financial mismanagement, ethical concerns, discrimination or harassment, or inappropriate research activity involving people or animals, etc.

When a disclosure is made it does not initiate a formal process. Advisors in the Office of Safe Disclosure and Human Rights will listen to your concerns and provide you with advice about how you might proceed. You then decide if and when to initiate a formal process.

Students, staff, faculty, volunteers, and postdoctoral fellows are all welcome to contact OSDHR with any concerns and/or questions. If you are not sure where to go or about possible next steps, OSDHR is a good place to begin.

For more information or to make a disclosure contact OSDHR by email at or telephone at 780.248.1894. Alternatively, you can file an online report using the online reporting tool. 

How to make a disclosure.

There are a number of ways to make a disclosure: 

  • Make an appointment to see an Advisor in the OSDHR office (please call 780-248-1894 or email

  • Email a concern to

  • Use the online disclosure tool

  • Request a telephone meeting with an advisor

  • If you wish to make an anonymous disclosure please contact the office by phone or email.

Requests for disclosures will be accommodated as soon as possible, usually within 5 business days.

Please note, walk-in appointments cannot be accommodated.