Bridging Program

Duolingo English Test as an ELP alternative

If you are in a region impacted by IELTS or TOEFL test centre closures due to the COVID-19, the university will temporarily accept the Duolingo English Test as one of the ways to meet our undergraduate English Language Proficiency requirements. Duolingo English Tests taken after February 1, 2020 will be accepted if the results are received by the document deadlines for the Fall 2020 intake.

The Duolingo English Test is an English proficiency test that can be taken online, on-demand, in under one hour for $49 USD. Certified results are available within 48 hours of the test session and applicants should request Duolingo to send the results directly to the University of Alberta. For more information about the Duolingo English Test, visit

Minimum Duolingo English Test score required by University of Alberta:

  • Score required for BP Stage 1: 80
    • Minimum subscore: 65
  • Score required for BP Stage 2: 90
    • Minimum subscore: 75

Improve your English skills and earn academic credit at UAlberta!

The Bridging Program (BP) is a program for excellent students who meet all of UAlberta's academic criteria but still need to improve their English skills in order to enter a degree program.

BP students can take English language courses at UAlberta and earn academic credit at the same time.

After you complete the BP successfully, you can continue as a full-time undergraduate student at UAlberta, one of Canada's leading universities…
and you'll already have credit that will count towards your degree!

Why choose the UAlberta BP?

  • The BP will put you on the right path to become a UAlberta graduate. If you complete the program successfully, you can enter a full-time degree program.
  • In the UAlberta BP, you'll be enrolled in a Faculty and take classes with other UAlberta students. You'll be a part of the campus community.
  • You'll be eligible for entrance scholarships!
  • As a BP student, you can stay in a UAlberta student residence. It's convenient to live on campus, and it's the perfect way to make new friends!
  • You'll get your own ONEcard, a student ID card that will give you access to public transit and UAlberta libraries, athletic facilities, and more.
  • You'll have access to top quality student services. Our Faculty advisors and the BP advisor are here to help you succeed!

What can I study in the BP?

When you begin your studies in the BP, you will be part of one of these Faculties. You can choose from more than 50 courses during your time in the BP.

  • Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation
  • Faculty of Native Studies
  • Augustana Campus (located in Camrose, Alberta)

How Does BP Work?

There are two Stages in the Bridging Program. Your English Language Proficiency scores will determine which Stage is right for you. You must meet the requirements of the Bridging Program within 12 months of your initial registration.

Students who complete the BP successfully can then continue as UAlberta degree students and take BP3 courses. BP3 courses are available exclusively to BP students and are designed to ensure student success in undergraduate studies.

BP Stage 1


Minimum of 2 months

EAP 135
After you complete BP Stage 1 successfully, begin BP Stage 2
BP Stage 2 Duration

Minimum of 4 months

  • EAP 140 + EAP 145
  • Supporting seminars
  • Optional:
    1 UAlberta academic course (3 credits) per term
    Fall/Winter only
After you complete BP Stage 2 successfully, you can continue as a UAlberta degree student and take BP3 classes of selected first year courses as well as regular academic courses.

Am I Eligible?

The BP is open to all undergraduate applicants who meet the academic criteria required for admission to the Faculties participating in the BP, but do not yet meet the English Language Proficiency Requirement.  Please note: not all programs in these faculties offer the Bridging Program. 


1. Academic requirements

High school applicants Postsecondary applicants
You must present:
You must present:
  • A GPA of 2.0 - 3.3 (depending on your program of interest)
  • Other admission criteria will vary. Contact us for more information.

2. English Language Proficiency requirements

There are 2 different stages in the BP. Students can enter either BP Stage 1 or BP Stage 2. Your English Language Proficiency scores will determine which stage is right for you.

Completion of one of the following

Scores required for BP Stage 1

Scores required for BP Stage 2


total score of 5.0, with no band score less than 4.5.

total score of at least 5.5 or higher, with no band score less than 5.0.


total score from 40, with no band score less than 12 (subject to final approval by the University's governance).

total score of at least 53, with no band score less than 14 (subject to final approval by the University's governance).


total score from 40, with no band score less than 20.

total score of at least 50, with no band score less than 30.

PTE Academic

total score of at least 36, with no band score less than 29.

total score of at least 42, with no band score less than 36.


Scale score of at least 154, with no less than 147 in each skill

Scale score of at least 162, with no less than 154 in each skill

U of A Extension EAP

not applicable

EAP 135 (EXELP 7135): successful completion

When Can I Start?

Bridging Program students are admitted in the following terms depending on the faculty to which you're applying.

Fall Term (September)

Spring Term (May)

ALES Yes -
Arts Yes Yes
Augustana Yes -
Native Studies Yes Yes
Kinesiology, Sport, and Recreation Yes -

How do I apply? What are the deadlines?

Bridging Program students follow the same application procedures as other applicants and must also meet the same application deadlines. See How to Apply.

To evaluate your application for admission, we will require the following documents:

  • official and complete high school transcript(s)
  • official ELP score report
  • official and complete post-secondary transcripts (two copies) and post-secondary course descriptions (transfer applicants only)
See Documentation.

Program Details & Academic Course Options

Students can set their own pace in the Bridging Program based on when courses are offered.

  • Stage 1 is normally completed within two months.
  • Stage 2 can be completed in as little as four months. However, many students choose not take an academic course in Stage 2 so they can focus fully on their English studies.
  • All ESL courses must be completed within one year.

Course offerings for the Bridging Program are below. For advice on selecting academic courses, consult your Faculty advisor.

Stage 1 Students

Stage 2 Students

Fall Term
(September to December)
  • EAP 135 (offered twice: Sept-Oct or Nov-Dec)
  • EAP 140 (offered twice: Sept-Oct or Nov-Dec)
  • EAP 145 (offered twice: Sept-Oct or Nov-Dec)
  • Maximum one three-credit academic course (Sept-Dec) for students in EAP 140 or 145
  • Supporting seminars
Winter Term
(January to April)
  • EAP 135 (offered twice: Jan-Feb or Mar-Apr)
  • EAP 140 (offered twice: Jan-Feb or Mar-Apr)
  • EAP 145 (offered twice: Jan-Feb or Mar-Apr)
  • Maximum one three-credit academic course (Jan-Apr) for students in EAP 140 or 145
  • Supporting seminars
Spring Term
(May to June)
  • EAP 135 (offered once: May-June)
  • EAP 140 (offered once: May-June)
  • EAP 145 (offered once: May-June)
  • Supporting seminars
Summer Term
(July to August)
  • EAP 135 (offered once: July-Aug)
  • EAP 140 (offered once: July-Aug)
  • EAP 145 (offered once: July-Aug)
  • Supporting seminars


  1. If a student fails to attend EAP courses or withdraws from the EAP portion of their program, they will be immediately withdrawn from both their academic courses and the Bridging Program. Fees charged will not be refunded and academic penalties for not completing courses or withdrawing by the deadline may apply.
  2. Students will have a maximum of 12 months to complete the EAP requirements of the Bridging Program. EAP 135 can be attempted a maximum of two times, while EAP 140 and 145 can each be attempted up to three times. Students who do not successfully complete EAP 145 by the end of the 12th month will be withdrawn from the Bridging Program and the Faculty.
  3. Students who are withdrawn from the Bridging Program will not be readmitted to the Bridging Program.
  4. Students in the Bridging Program may not use any other English proficiency examinations to replace the required EAP 140 and 145 courses. If a student wishes to take an external English proficiency examination such as TOEFL, IELTS, etc., to meet the University of Alberta English Language Proficiency requirements, a written statement informing the Bridging Program Advisor of the intention to withdraw from the program is required. Students will then be required to apply to a Faculty for re-admission to the next available term.
  5. Academic courses taken while in the Bridging Program are credit courses that will be recorded on all future University of Alberta academic transcripts. They will be taken into account for academic assessment after first year as well as for admission to future academic programs. Students planning on continuing in the Faculty must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in their academic coursework.
  6. Students who successfully complete the EAP courses within 12 months and maintain the minimum GPA as defined by their Faculty will be eligible to continue in the Faculty. Students wishing to pursue programs offered by other Faculties must re-apply by the appropriate deadline.
  7. Students should consult with the appropriate faculty to determine the competitive GPA required for transfer. Students are responsible for meeting all requirements and document deadlines for the program to which they have applied.
  8. Students may be eligible to receive transfer credit for EAP 140 and 145, depending on their Faculty and program.

Academic Course Options

North Campus (Edmonton)

ANTHR 101 (*3)
ANTHR 110 (*3)
ART 134 (*3)
ASTRO 120 (*3)
ASTRO 122 (*3)
BIOL 107 (*3)
BIOL 108 (*3)
CHEM 101 (*3)
CHEM 102 (*3)
CMPUT 101 (*3)
CMPUT 174 (*3)
CMPUT 175 (*3)
DES 135 (*3)
EAS 100 (*3)
EAS 105 (*3)
EASIA 101 (*3)
MATH 113 (*3)
MATH 114 (*3)
MATH 115 (*3)
MATH 117 (*3)
MATH 118 (*3)
MATH 125 (*3)
MATH 153 (*3)
MUSIC 101 (*3)
MUSIC 102 (*3)
MUSIC 140 (*3)
MUSIC 141 (*3)
MUSIC 143 (*3)
MUSIC 144 (*3)
NS 110 (*3)
NS 111 (*3)
NU FS 100 (*3)
NUTR 100 (*3)
PHYS 114 (*3)
PHYS 124(*3)
PHYS 126 (*3)
PHYS 144 (*3)
PHYS 146 (*3)
RLS 100 (*3)
STAT 141 (*3)
STAT 151 (*3)

Cost Estimates

BP Stage 1

Course fee for EAP 135 (0 credit) $2,950*

BP Stage 2

Course Fee for EAP 140 (3 credits) $2,950*
Course Fee for EAP 145 (3 credits) $2,950*
3 credit academic course (optional) $2,950* per course

After you complete the BP successfully and continue in a UAlberta degree program you will be required to enrol in a minimum of three academic courses per term in order to maintain full-time status. You have the option to enroll in a maximum of five academic courses per term. Most academic courses are 3 credits each.

* based on 2020/21 UAlberta fee index rates - these rates are in addition to the tuition guarantee program rate

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