Accept Your Offer

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Congratulations on Receiving an Admission Offer!

In order to confirm your intention to attend the University of Alberta, and to become eligible to register in courses, you will need to accept your offer.

How to Accept Your Admission Offer

You can accept (or decline) your offer in UAlberta Launchpad (and pay the tuition deposit, if applicable).

Step-by-step Instructions

  1. Log in to UAlberta Launchpad.
  2. Under Forms, click on "Reply to offer of admission program choice one".
  3. Once you click on "Submit", you will be taken to the payment page, where you can pay the $500 tuition deposit (if applicable).
  4. To pay your deposit, click on "Submit Payment", this will take you to our secure payment site. 

If you are unable to pay through Launchpad, visit Tuition for more payment options. Once your payment status updates in Bear Tracks, your payment is confirmed. (UAlberta Launchpad may take longer to show your payment if you use alternate options to pay). Note: Tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Fall Deadlines

The deadline to accept your offer is listed in your Launchpad. For most programs, the deadline to accept your offer for Fall semester is as follows:

Fall 2024 Deadlines
Offer Date Deadline to Accept/Pay
On or prior to April 1 May 1
April 2 - Aug 1 30 days
After Aug 1 14 days

Fall Deadlines - Professional Programs

The deposit amount and deadlines to accept your offer to professional programs (Medicine and Dentistry, Law) vary. Please refer to the faculty website for more details.

Spring/Summer Deadlines

The deadline to accept your offer for Spring/Summer semester is as follows:

Spring/Summer 2025 Deadlines
Offer Date Deadline to Accept/Pay
On or prior to March 18 April 1
After March 18 14 days

How to Accept Your Residence Offer

If you applied for residence, you must accept your residence offer in Bear Tracks to secure your space. After you've accepted, you will receive a link to your residence contract, along with information about your residence and life on campus. If you applied for residence on your application form in Launchpad, you can accept the residence and admission offer at the same time by filling out the "Reply to Offer of Admission" form.

The Fine Print

Even after you have received/accepted an admission offer, you are still required to meet any conditions stated in your offer letter. Otherwise, your admission could be revoked.

To review your offer letter, log in to UAlberta Launchpad. While you are there, check your Application Status and Checklist. This will indicate any outstanding documents or requirements.

Tuition Deposit Rules and Exemptions

If you are new to the university, you may also need to pay a non-refundable $500 tuition deposit as part of the offer acceptance process. However, some types of applicants are exempt from having to pay the tuition deposit.