Ellen Goddard, PhD, MSc, BSc

Professor, Co-operative Chair in Agricultural Marketing and Business

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology

About Me

Job/Research Area

Research on public policy, consumer behaviour related to food

Member of National Steering Committee on Public Trust in Agriculture

Member of the Alberta Local Food Council

Member of the Council of Canadian Academies Expert Panel on the Socio-economic Costs of Antimicrobial Resistance


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

  • Agricultural marketing, trade and policy
  • Consumer demand for foods in Canada
  • Impact of new technology use, advertising, health information and public policies on consumer demand
  • Co-operatives 


Teaching :

Co-operatives and Alternate Business Institutions (AREC 482)

Society and Well- Being (AREC 471)

Trade and Globalization (AREC 485)