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Fiona Schmiegelow

Professor and Director, Northern ENCS Program (Wildlife and landscape ecology, conservation science)

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Renewable Resources

About Me

Job/Research Area: Professor, Northern Environmental and Conservation Science.

I began as a professor at the University of Alberta in 1997, and since 2009, have had the great privilege of developing and directing our partnered Bachelors of Science in Environmental and Conservation Science, Northern Systems Major, with Yukon College (soon to become Yukon University – May 2020). My primary location is Whitehorse, Yukon, where this program is delivered. I have recently accepted a 3-year appointment as Director of UAlberta North, established in 2015 to bring institutional priority and fresh energy to the University’s work across the boreal, Arctic and circumpolar regions ( 


• Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences - Teacher of the Year (2015, 2009, 2001)

• Royal Canadian Geographic Society: Inducted as a Fellow of the Society (2014)

• Ed and Peggy Tyrchniewicz Award for Innovation in Teaching (2013)

• Boreal Trailblazers Award: for leadership in boreal conservation through teaching, research and outreach (2009)

• Alberta Centennial Medal: for contributions to wildlife conservation and land management in Alberta (2005)


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests: My general interests are in the areas of wildlife and landscape ecology and conservation, with a focus on the effects of land-use policies and practices on northern ecosystems. An overarching objective is to advance novel approaches to sustaining adaptive, socio-ecological systems in northern regions, in the context of changing climates and governance structures. To this end, I am involved in many partnerships, and committed to helping bridge science-policy interfaces, particularly as they pertain to land-use and biodiversity conservation.  


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RenR 365, Ecology and Conservation of Northern Landscapes

RenR 473, Topics in Northern Resource Management

RenR 491, Northern Land-use Planning

RenR 465, Winter Field School: Northern Exposures

RenR 465, Summer Field School: A River Runs Through It