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Frank Robinson


Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science

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PhD, University of Guelph

Job/Research Area

Poultry Management/Physiology, and Member of AVRI Council


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Research interests focus on reproductive fitness of meat-type chickens and turkeys. His research program concerns determining the ideal target body weight for broiler breeder hens, as measured by conventional reproductive efficiency indicators such as egg production, fertility, and hatchability in addition to emphasis on egg laying sequence length and the recruitment of ovarian follicles into the large follicle hierarchy. The role of photoperiod manipulation in initiating sexual maturation is being studied in turkeys, broiler breeders and egg-type hens. Graduate students working with Dr. Robinson work closely with primary breeders of commercial poultry within and outside of Canada during their programs.


Teaching Philosophy – “It’s a brand new day” I have been taught by the best, and I have had the opportunity to teach the best. Looking back, my successes in teaching are partly attributable to Sister Mary Clarence from Sister Act 2. Her classic line: “It’s a brand new day”, aptly frames my teaching philosophy. I strongly believe that students can be encouraged to visualize their potential by empowering them to take responsibility for their own learning through inquiry, each and every day. Put another way, good teachers, bring students to greater achievement through making every day a new beginning in a learning journey. For me, the power of positive leadership, housed in a positive and safe learning environment has made students realize that content is not always as important as the learning process in an University class. This philosophy has served me well as I try to coax my students out of the classroom into the community in which they will live after they leave my class. This can mean into agri-business, or into public communication venues. The students of Sister Act 2 realized that they were a collective group (a choir) about half way through the movie. I try to make sure that my students appreciate the power of the collective group by the second week of class. Later in the term they share their knowledge with the public as creatively as possible. In doing so, the learning circle encloses populations of other learners and brings them along on our journey. My most productive educational leadership takes this same philosophy to other educators to encourage them to step out of convention and embrace a “new day” as teachers. I try to lead by example, encouragement and by creating a positive and enjoyable learning climate.

I continue to learn from my teaching experiences. As I learn, I take new steps and I become more creative. I still have many more learning opportunities I want to experience, and that I want to have my student experience. In this way, for me to, every day is a brand new day.