Graham Plastow, PhD

Professor, CEO Livestock Gentec Centre

Agricultural Life and Environmental Sciences

Agricultural Food and Nutritional Science

About Me


PhD, University of Leicester, UK

Job/Research Area

Animal genomics


Major Responsibilities/Research Interests

Livestock Gentec was created in 2010 to continue the ABGP's research and bring the commercial benefits of genomics to the Canadian livestock industry. Livestock Gentec extends the genomics scope to other livestock species, and expands on existing technology transfer and industry collaboration efforts. Funded by Alberta Innovates BioSolutions, Gentec consists of a core group of highly qualified researchers across the University and its partners in Alberta (e.g. Alberta Agriculture) and across Canada (including Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and the Universities of Calgary, Guelph and Saskatchewan). Partners and collaborators include livestock industry associations, government agencies and private sector companies from all over the world as well as significant international collaborations with leading Universities and Institutes.

The Gentec Executive team have extensive experience in managing large-scale multinational projects, and an excellent track record in commercializing technology. Our technology transfer professionals focus on educating industry about the benefits of the technologies we are developing. The scientific team is world-class and represents a comprehensive spread of relevant scientific interests and expertise, including genomics, genetics, microbial ecology and epigenetics, as well as statistical genetics/genomics, computing science and bioinformatics.

My main research interest is the application of genomics to increase value for all of the links within protein value chains (from the animal breeder to the consumer) with a focus on improving animal health. My main ambition is to develop the program, together with other groups in ALES and their partners, to develop new tools for application in many of the farmed animal species.